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Metal Fight Beyblade

Metal Fight Beyblade main image more screenshots
2.118 out of 5 from 1,385 votes
Rank #4,481

User Stats - Watching

Username Status Eps Rating
123kirra Watching 36   not rated
1r3n3i7z8i Watching     not rated
2k335 Watching 35   5 star rating
5aintdolphin Watching     not rated
Ace09 Watching     not rated
Aerith77 Watching 25   3 star rating
Akame13 Watching     not rated
Aknil Watching     not rated
akuma22 Watching 11   4 star rating
Alan5032 Watching 18   not rated
Alasthor Watching     2 star rating
alexielangelorganico Watching 12   not rated
alexshim Watching     4.5 star rating
AllHailSephiroth Watching 17   not rated
amaya0013 Watching 3   5 star rating
amuiko Watching     not rated
AngelEstellise Watching     5 star rating
anikun Watching 28   5 star rating
anime18otaku Watching 5   4 star rating
Animedic Watching 4   3 star rating
Animefreakghost Watching     not rated
animekid88 Watching 34   3 star rating
AnimeKidd Watching 46   4 star rating
animetarra1996sawsum Watching     5 star rating
AnnieAria Watching 25   not rated
anonymooseymouse Watching 44   not rated
anuya9876 Watching     3 star rating
aoibara Watching     not rated
AoiSapphire Watching     2 star rating
ArcHype Watching 37   not rated
Asure Watching 51   3 star rating
Atomsk10 Watching 9   not rated
aznn00d13 Watching     not rated
b0mzAs Watching 51   not rated
B3rs3rk07 Watching     not rated
Banan1311 Watching     not rated
BasedZ Watching 10   not rated
Bebras Watching     4 star rating
benny2 Watching     not rated
BiBaBumseBiene Watching 1   not rated
bignub243 Watching 41   1.5 star rating
blknight90 Watching 20   not rated
blt071289 Watching 6   not rated
Brandonfairytail Watching 43   5 star rating
brokenangels28 Watching 5   3.5 star rating
Bruneor Watching 28   not rated
bsbartgurl Watching 19   not rated
Buba Watching 2   not rated
CalculusNova Watching 10   3 star rating
camus130 Watching 51   not rated