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This set of 3 fantastic stories will take you from the haunting delusions of a space explorer, to a bio-chemical threat with the power to wipe out all of Tokyo, and finally to a day in the life of a young boy who lives in a world ruled by cannons. These stores will capture you with their intriguing storylines and awe inspiring artwork.

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CaptainSlow Jun 24, 2014
Score 7/10

Magnetic Rose What I Liked: Using Madame Butterfly as a motif doesn't feel out of place, even in the 2090's. Great sound design and soundtrack. Good set designs, ranging from industrial-style rusty spaceships to grand Victorian-style interiors. Engrossing plot. Smooth character animation. Love the display of the psychological effect of nostalgia, deepest desires and holograms.    What I Didn't... read more

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Sianeka Jan 27, 2014
Score 6/10

Memories is a movie-length science fiction OVA divided into three separate stories. While not exactly dystopian in nature, the future looks like a somewhat depressing place based on these unrelated "memories" episodes. Episode one - Magnetic Rose. Animation blends both detailed photrealistic drawings and traditional line art... read more

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