Melody of Oblivion

TV (24 eps)
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At the end of the 20th century a fierce war raged between the Monsters and the humans. The outcome was devastating for humanity -- as the Monsters had won -- and thus a new era of Monster-ruling began. These Monsters feed on children and can turn any human who sees them into either a puppet or stone -- except for the Melos Warriors who are the only ones able to fight them. Meet Bokka, a young aspiring Melos Warrior whose only goal is quite simple: to save the Melody of Oblivion and vanquish the Monster King, once and for all!

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DistMan Feb 5, 2005
Score 6.5/10

It's the 21st century and Monsters who looks like humans rule human society. They seemingly provide special services for so called Monster Union Agents, granting them wishes. But they don't come cheap, for the monsters feed on children and every once in a while a life-sacrifice has to be presented, or else the monster gets quite moody. The only ones who are able to battle against these creatures... read more

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roriconfan Apr 19, 2012
Score 5.5/10

This is one of those animes that tries to cater both sides of the spectrum. You know, there are the A types and the B types, one wants a good story and an interesting cast, the other wants action and boobs, and when they meet they usually mock each other’s tastes because they know better...
Anyway, this series tries to have both. Both spectacular action and fan service that would thrill mr.B and... read more

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