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Meine Liebe

Meine Liebe main image
2.473 out of 5 from 675 votes
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Weiss Kreuz

Weiss Kreuz

Aya, Omi, Ken and Yoji are four seemingly normal high school boys, who make up an elite assassin group known only as Weiss. The hits involve taking out corporate businessmen and corrupt politicians; however, trouble arises during a routine job, when Weiss clashes with a rival gang of assassins, Schwarz. With Schwarz in the way, they will reach the limits of their elite skills while trying to defeat their ultimate target: the Takatori family...

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It is difficult to pin down exactly what makes Weiss Kreuz and Meine Liebe so similar since one deals with hitmen in the modern world while the other takes place in a academy in a vaguely historical setting but they share a certain atmosphere. The almost all male ensemble that has to interact and cooperate in close quarters as well as the contrasting personalities add an air of drama, the characters' backgrounds that are brought to weight on the narrative and the overall feeling make these titles reminiscent of each other. Those who were able to turn a blind eye to the flaws of one are likely to enjoy the other.