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There’s more to glasses than meets the eye! Akira, Hayata, Mitsuki, Takuma and Yukiya are eager to prove that spectacles are useful as more than just a fashion accessory or vision-correction tool. And while their Glasses Club doesn’t have a club room or any budget, they’ll do whatever it takes to spread the glory of glasses! Their first goal? To make x-ray glasses that can easily see through any clothing!

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CaptainSlow Mar 29, 2014
Score 9/10

What I Liked: High-quality animation has colour out the wazoo and is stylish to boot. Ridiculous presence with over-the-top characters and situations. The Opening Theme. The Ending Theme. Actually, the whole soundtrack is a great lively mix of energetic music with a youthful feel. The real reason why Akira wanted to make the X-ray Glasses was touching. I got what I expected in the end: a daft series about a... read more



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