Megane na Kanojo

OVA (4 eps x 14 min)
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For most people, wearing glasses is a necessity for clear sight, but for four young girls, their spectacles mean so much more. From a teenage girl wearing her glasses with pride and a top idol who uses hers to disguise herself as a regular person, to a couple whose bent frames bring them closer together, a good pair of glasses can not only open your eyes, but also open your heart.

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galacticdude7's avatar by galacticdude7 on Mar 12, 2011
Score: 7/10

-Story- The stories that make up this series, are a group of short romance stories, where the female protaganist always wears glasses. The individual stories were pretty entertaining to watch, as the story reveals the nature of each couples relationship. I would have to say that the stories did peak my interest. There were moments when the stories did seem cliched and predictable, but overall they seemed to... read more

NoCheerios's avatar by NoCheerios on Dec 6, 2010
Score: 5/10

Well, upon completion of this OVA, I can say I was disappointed. Although basic things related to quality were nice, story and the like were very under-developed. The story is supposed to be of 4 seperate instances of falling in love(er sumthin). Now, I'm not a fan of this sort of thing, but at the very least when I watch it I'd like it to be good. They did a half-assed job with the 3/4 of the relationships... read more

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