MD Geist

Alt titles: Soukihei MD Geist

OVA (1 ep x 47 min)
1.798 of 5 from 1,053 votes
Rank #5,684

In the distant future, man has advanced into space and spread to worlds throughout the galaxy. On one such planet, Jerra, a brutal war began between the Jerran army and the Nexram - those who opposed a galactic Earth government. To combat the threat the Jerran army created the MDS - Most Dangerous Soldiers - who possess elite fighting abilities. However, one such soldier, MD Geist, was deemed too ferocious and imprisoned inside an orbiting satellite. Now, in the present, both sides have been decimated and the planet lies in ruins. After his satellite falls to the planet, MD Geist wanders the wasteland once more. And after killing the leader of a powerful gang, Geist finds himself in the company of a woman named Vaiya. Together, the two join with survivors of the Jerran army and set forth on a quest to exterminate Death Force - a doomsday device built by the Jerrans - before it activates.  

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Wintermoot's avatar by Wintermoot on Apr 13, 2013
Score: 10/10

the OVA was allot of fun and the gratuitous violence only ads to the 80's charm allong with the GLORIOUS SOUNDTRACK. For the people calling it "the worst anime in existance" there are literary dozens of shittier OVA's in existence. Case and point Mars Of Destruction. In short it's terrible but the enjoyable type. read more

KingIck's avatar by KingIck on Aug 30, 2012
Score: 2/10

Ok, here we have it, one of the worst Anime in existence. On Anime News Network, for years at the near bottom of the Top 50 worst rated, lies M.D. Geist.  I must say i only watch it because i want to see a bad Anime for comparison to a good one. I walked into this with no expectations whatsoever, and surprisingly i got not disappointed! Don't get me wrong it's still crap, but if you overlook the... read more

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