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Mask Of Zeguy

Mask Of Zeguy main image
1.768 out of 5 from 70 votes
Rank #5,191


Throughout history, the Mask of Zeguy has stayed safe from the hands of those who would misuse it with the help of two Time Warriors named Gennai Hiraga, and Toshizo Hijikata (leader of the Shinsengumi). For centuries they have traveled through time to protect it, but are now faced with a powerful adversary: the evil Himiko, who has stolen the Mask for its power. Meanwhile, two young girls have been sucked into Himiko's world through a dimensional gate, leaving them stranded! Little do they know they may be the key to saving the world -- and all of time -- from destruction…

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Name Role
Aki TSUNAKI Character Design
Shigenori KAGEYAMA Director
Yasushi TSUCHIDA Music
Sohichiro HARADA Music
Hiroshi IWAKAWA Producer
Koji IWAKAWA Producer

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Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Mask Of Zeguy sothis 5.5/10 Aug 8, 2005

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Anime Backlog kamiikazeheart 338 Sep 1, 2010
Anime Physically Owned tater9104 137 Feb 24, 2010
Bewertete GammaWar 408 Jan 17, 2010

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