Mask Of Zeguy

OVA (2 eps x 36 min)
1.885 of 5 from 97 votes
Rank #6,316

Throughout history, the Mask of Zeguy has stayed safe from the hands of those who would misuse it with the help of two Time Warriors named Gennai Hiraga, and Toshizo Hijikata (leader of the Shinsengumi). For centuries they have traveled through time to protect it, but are now faced with a powerful adversary: the evil Himiko, who has stolen the Mask for its power. Meanwhile, two young girls have been sucked into Himiko's world through a dimensional gate, leaving them stranded! Little do they know they may be the key to saving the world -- and all of time -- from destruction…

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Thrawn's avatar
Thrawn Jan 25, 2015
Score 3/10

Story: Let's say I didn't read the synopsis, or the back of the cover of the VHS box. Lets say I went in knowing that there was a mask of a guy called Ze-Guy, or The Guy, and judging by the front cover or poster image of this... thing, it's about a girl, a clearly evil hot chick in the background who pulls the strings and that is actually all I registered at first. Nothing else seemed important. Actual plots... read more

sothis's avatar
sothis Aug 8, 2005
Score 5.5/10

Now, before those of you who have seen this already scoff at what might be a high score for the story section, hear me out. Although poorly executed, Mask of Zeguy has one of the more unique plots I’ve seen in a series, and definitely is an odd mix of technologies and times.

In Mask of Zeguy, a legendary mask (guess what it’s named??) which supposedly gives its wielder great... read more



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