Mars of Destruction

OVA (1 ep)
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In the year 2010 the Mars Exploration Vessel, returning to tell its secrets, fell to the Earth in a fiery blaze. Several months later, strange creatures known as Ancients walk the streets of Tokyo, brutally murdering anyone who gets in their way. In response to these incidents, the AAST – the Anti unidentified Ancients Special Team – has been created to subdue the threat. With the help of Hinata Takeru, a high school student who wears the Anti-Ancient Suit Mars, the AAST now sets out on a new mission: deliver the salvaged pieces of the fallen vessel into safe hands, at all costs!


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coolmasn's avatar by coolmasn on Jul 15, 2010
Score: 2/10

WOW, what a show! Mars of Desruction will now stay in my heart forever... AS ONE OF THE WORST THINGS I'VE EVER SEEN! Story: There's no story. Watching this, you have no idea what the fuck is going on, except that apparently it takes place on Mars Art: The art was awful. Not terribly awful, but pretty awful. None of the characters looked memorable, and the background had crappy drawing as well. ... read more

KenichiSora's avatar by KenichiSora on Aug 1, 2014
Score: 0.1/10

this really doesnt merit a review, it was so bad that it has become famous for being bad, i mean at least with anime like ghost stories, they took a steaming piece of crap and used it to sculp the worlds greatest poop sculpture, this however i think even the likes of Little-Kurribo would have a hard time making this funnier than it already is, and by funny i mean so bad it might actually bring you to tears. ... read more



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