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Shizuka, Mika, Kiyomi, Reiko and Mami are all grown up and have one thing on their mind: finding the ultimate husband! From the workplace to automated dating services, there's wedding bells to be heard and love to be acted on, all for the ultimate goal: marriage! With biological clocks ticking and youth slipping away, these girls will do whatever it takes to snag a man, love or not!


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sothis's avatar by sothis on Sep 25, 2004
Score: 4/10

Remember after school specials? Yeah, you know the ones... where Becky huffed gasoline and had to go to the hospital, or James smoked pot and ended up behind bars. The message? Don’t do drugs! These public service announcements full of government propaganda were on TV all the time, feeding the minds of youngsters. And now, folks, I am proud to announce a public service announcement from the... read more

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