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Marmalade Boy: The Movie

Marmalade Boy: The Movie main image
3.472 out of 5 from 705 votes
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When Yuu’s parents returned from a vacation in Hawaii, he had no idea they’d announce that not only were they getting divorced, but that they were going to remarry another couple they met there! In the aftermath, Yuu wanders through a park and catches sight of a cute tennis-playing girl and a colorful band of misfits – and he promptly falls into love at first sight. Yuu’s new goal is to return an item that the girl dropped, but he soon discovers the real identity of the girl behind the pretty face...


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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Marmalade Boy TV 1994 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Marmalade Boy 1992 TBD
Marmalade Boy Little 2013 TBD
Name Role
Yoshikhiko UMAKOSHI Character Design
Akinori YABE Director
Keiichi OKU Music
Wataru YOSHIZUMI Original Manga Creator
Tan TAKAIWA Producer
Tomio ANZAI Producer
Tsutomu TOMORI Producer

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Baby Love

Baby Love

When Seara was a young girl, she pledged her love to the older Shuhei Seto. In a whimsical tone, Shuhei promised he'd wait for her to grow up to be a beautiful woman, and would then give her love a chance. Now, four years later and through a twist of fate, sixteen year old Seara is living with Shuhei, his sister Koharu, and their parents, though Seara's identity is unknown and unremembered by her longtime love. With steep competition for his heart as well as a lacking chest size, Seara must do everything in her power to win the heart of the man she loves!


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Both anime create similar feelings. They are both very romantic and sweet and you can watch them just in order to relax because they don't require deep thinking. The animation is also very similar although it's not so great. Anyway, if you liked one, i am sure you would like the other.