Marmalade Boy

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Miki is a normal high school student, living a normal life, but one day she is welcomed home with an announcement: her parents have decided to get divorced and switch partners with close friends of the family. The reason? Love. But to add to Miki's disbelief, she may get a new "brother," and he may just happen to be in love with her...

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luvmaya's avatar by luvmaya on Jun 2, 2010
Score: 7/10

The story is very bad :/ I gave it a 10 becuase the manga is so awesome and, the mangaka cannot change that they sort of messed up the anime >< I <3 The story x 100000 in the Manga.Reminds me of Mint na Bokura which is another personal fave :) read more

missy01missy's avatar by missy01missy on Dec 5, 2011
Score: 5/10

The premis of this show was hilerious. When my friends and I saw the first two episodes we could not stop laughing, that I went out and bought the whole seiris the next day. That weekend Had all my girlfriends come over for a marmalade boy marathon. Bad move, By the end we were so sick of the show, and the movie is just a retelling of the seiries from the dudes point of view. I can no longer remember if this... read more

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