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Marmalade Boy

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3.469 out of 5 from 2,487 votes
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Miki is a normal high school student, living a normal life, but one day she is welcomed home with an announcement: her parents have decided to get divorced and switch partners with close friends of the family. The reason? Love. But to add to Miki's disbelief, she may get a new "brother," and he may just happen to be in love with her...

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Marmalade Boy: The Movie Movie 1995 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Marmalade Boy 1992 TBD
Marmalade Boy Little 2013 TBD
Name Role
Yoshihiko UMAKOSHI Character Design
Akinori YABE Director
Keiichi OKU Music
Wataru YOSHIZUMI Original Manga Creator

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Title Author Score Date
Marmalade Boy missy01missy 5/10 Dec 5, 2011
Marmalade Boy alessandra 7/10 Jun 17, 2011
Marmalade Boy luvmaya 7/10 Jun 2, 2010
List Title Username Entries Date
Lovable Tsundere Males in Anime electricutie 14 Mar 19, 2014
My Top 10 Favorite Anime AngelicSakura 10 Feb 13, 2014
visti Tilius 437 Feb 3, 2014
nekonyan dropped Marmalade Boy anime at 45 of 76 episodes
nekonyan dropped Marmalade Boy
dragonslayer95 rated the Marmalade Boy anime 0.5/5 stars
dragonslayer95 rated the Marmalade Boy anime 0.5/5 stars
dronesensei stalled Marmalade Boy at 6 of 76 episodes

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Hana Yori Dango

Hana Yori Dango

The average Tsukushi Makino attends the snobby, elite Eitoku Academy, which is dominated by the Flower Four (F4) – the sons of the most powerful families. Like the rest of her classmates, Tsukushi keeps a low profile until one day she can stand it no more! For her obstinance, the F4 declare war and it's Tsukushi against all. In the middle of it all, she finds herself drawn strangely close to two of the F4; they might not be as bad as they seem. With her heart torn between two boys, will Tsukushi be able to find the love she desires?

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Love triangles and a confused high school student... nothing else is missing, these two series really are twins, except that I liked the art better in Marmelade boy. They are both two old series and deals with a girl who can't choose who to like. But Hana Yori Dango was abit more serious than MB. But don't let that stop you if this is the genre you like.
Marmalade Boy and Hana Yori Dango share the same high school romance plot. Both animes introduce a really touching love story between the main characters. Many obstacles block the main characters' paths, but at the end true love conquers all. In Hana Yori Dango, the story stays focused on the main characters of the story and trouble seems to be caused by those main characters, but in Marmalade Boy, many new characters are introduced throughout the series as antagonists. Both animes are similar in length. Artistically, Hana Yori Dango is a bit softer in colour but both animes are pretty old.

Marmalade Boy and Hana Yori Dango have tons of heart-throbbing shoujo drama. Sometimes the drama goes a little overboard, but that's what makes them both so addicting. Hana Yori Dango had a more interesting execution with the F4 and Tsukushi being bullied. In addition, Tsukushi is a much more loveable character.


Both of these shows feature a heroine that is not considered the prettiest flower in the garden, and neither one has any other qualities to recommend themselves except their straightforward attitudes. Yet somehow they both seem to attract the attention of two of the more handsome boys at school. Both shows feature dark plot twists. Although of the two Hana Yori Dango is the darker one with the heroine occasionally being treated in a brutal manner by those that oppose her. Coincidentally both shows seem to heavily feature little electronic toys that the heroines are constantly using when reflecting on their love life, by the end of each show I wanted to throw each heroine's respective gadget out the window though.


These series center around one girl's trials in the world of love. Both are brimming with melodrama and angst and, while a bit over the top at times, are genuine in their effort to portray the feelings of involved in the tangled web of high school love.


Both main characters, Makino and Miki are strong and cheerful girls who are not sure with their feelings at the beginning..and when they finally realize who they are in love with, they have to overcome many obstacles to be happy..many other characters are involved in both series, especially in Marmalade Boy which develops very slowly..but still, if you liked one, I think you would like the other.


Both have a great love story that is developed with characters you will fall in love with.

There is a struggle and triumph that isn't so forthcoming...it lasts until you've gone through sadness, anger, tears, laughter, frustration and more.

Both will engulf you into their stories and characters from episode to episode like a warm embrace.

My all time favorites Hana Yori Dango, Itazura na Kiss & Marmalade Boy. All three have the same air of longingness and fulfillment that is hard to find in fiction or in life.

Enjoy one and you'll want to see the others.

The characters are rich, entricate and complex. There some you'll love, some you'll hate, some you'll love to hate and others you'll hate to love but will..and still you'll be left wanting more...


Marmalade Boy and Hana Yori Dango have the exact same high school romance feelings to them.  The plot revolves around a female character that is just trying to make it through her high school years.  In both these series it is not so easy for our heroine.  There of course has to be a lot of romance, drama, and confused events taking place to effect how the main characters see each other.  Miki and Makino (Marmalade Boy and Hana Yori Dango respectively) demonstrate their strong willed natures and ability to make it through any situation even when they are not seen as the most popular or prettiest girl among the school.


The main theme of these anime is not quite a simple love-story. Both series have dramatic and humorous parts always make you feel the situation and leave in hopes that everything's gonna be alright. Here is also the school theme.

Itazura na Kiss

Itazura na Kiss

Kotoko Aihara has always been in love with Naoki Irie; he’s tall, handsome, and rumored to be the most intelligent student in Japan – who wouldn’t be? Only one thing stands in the way of a relationship with Irie: Kotoko is ditzy and is at the bottom set of her school, and Irie-kun hates nothing more than ditzy, stupid girls. When disaster strikes and Kotoko is forced to move in with Irie-kun’s family, she suddenly sees her chance to bridge the gap. After all, even cool, super-intelligent guys must have a soft spot, right?

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Both Itazura na Kiss and Marmalade Boy are anime about adverse situations in a day to day slice of life type of situation. While a little out there compared to normal hum drum daily life in reality; both series do not rely on absurdities such as magic, harems, or galactic war to set up the situation. Rather both anime have a down to earth and believable (If a bit dramatic at times) feel to them. Anyone who loves a good slice of life story, has dealt with the doubts and trials that come with a budding relationship, or anyone who just likes to watch characters squirm in situations the manga-ka / writers place them in will love both of these series.


These two are very much like each other! I think that Itazura na kiss is a really good one to watch because the boy always make fun of the girl. and people get jealous, and there are love triangles like in Marmalade Boy. I think you should really try to watch it!


Both are super shoujo love dramas!  Both lead girls suddenly finds herself living with a super kakkoii schoolmate idol whom she fights and falls in love with.  100% teen mini soap opera consisting of 2 main bishies falling for 1 insecured cute clumsy girl.  Watch their love life trials and tribulations until they get married, with all sorts of sweet romance, love triangles, changing partners and forbidden love stories in between.  Must watch for romance shoujo lovers!


Both animes are comedy, romance and drama type and about an innocent love... the stories are about more than one love story.. about love triangles or love squares.

In both cases the story starts with both families moving toguether and high school love.


Kotoko (Itazura na Kiss) and Miki (Marmalade Boy) are very similar female characters.  Due to circumstances beyond their control they are focused to move into a house with two guys that eventually become their love interests.  Both series have the real life type of situation to them and the characters each just have to deal as best as they can under the circumstances.


Both animes have the girl and boy living in the same house. The plots are kind of smiliar, but in Marmalade Boy, the boy actually likes the girl first, unlike Itazura na Kiss.

Peach Girl

Peach Girl

Momo is loud, shallow, a player, a betrayer, and one to best stay away from -- or at least, that's the misconception people have when they see her makeup, bleached hair and suntanned skin. In reality, Momo just wants the same friends, hobbies and crushes any girl her age would like. However, when her only friend starts spreading rumours about her, her boyfriend starts to doubt her, and the most popular boy in school starts to take a more then friendly interest in her, she'll have much more to worry about than just her appearance!

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Both Peach Girl and Marmalade Boy are about love and romance between the main character and two boys. The main characters in both series have touble with their relationships due to someone trying to break them up. In the end, the girl has to pick who she would rather be with.


Both are engaging love stories jam-packed with drama.  Peach Girl moves a bit faster than Marmalade Boy, but all in all, they both do a really good job of holding your attention.


Both are well-done anime series dealing with love and insecurity. The heroines have a difficult time sorting out their feelings for the ones they love and conversely are unsure of the real feelings of the boys they care for. The series' use of love triangles (especially Marmalade Boy) can get tedious if do not like that sort of thing, but all in all both animes shows that true love will conquer all in the end.


in both series the main character (momo in peach girl) and (miki in marmalade boy) have to go through a lot of problem to get to be with the one they love. They have to face rivals,misunderstandings, and just fights that don't even make sense to get to be reallly happy with the one they trutly love. Both these series have a lot of drama, love triangles, and fights that it will make you so angry that you will start to hitting your computer.


if you love romance and drama, these two series are chock full of it. Marmalades more romance wise and theres a theme of incest, but not blood incest mind you. Peach is way dramatic with the bitchy-back-stabbing-best-friend. If you like one, im sure you'd like the other.


In both anime the main characters who are in love try to stay together but that isn't easy with people trying to break them, love triangles and even misunderstandings. Both anime have a great cast of characters and guaranteed you won't be bored.

Kodomo no Omocha

Kodomo no Omocha

Kurata Sana has a very eventful life. Though she’s only in the 5th grade, she’s the star of a popular TV Show called “Child’s Toy”. She lives with her eccentric mother and her boyfriend aka manager aka pimp, and faces hell at school. Her archenemy, Hayama Akito, turns the classroom into chaos each day, but Sana is finally ready to put her foot down! Can she defeat Akito and take control of her class? And more importantly, how will she deal with the secrets she finds about him?

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I once heard (well, read actually) that Marmalade Boy is like life on crack. ;) Then I heard (and believe) that Kodomo no Omocha is like Marmalade Boy on crack (or crack on crack :p)! They are similar styles, and I enjoy them both. However, with Kodomo no Omocha, the pace is set a lot faster. It's sometimes hard keeping up with the main character's speech. However, this comedy is a blast! So if you think you like the comedy in Marmalade Boy, give this a try!
Why I mostly recommend this one is because of the art. The character nearly look the same. Not much that helps you to see them appart, but KNO also got a similar story like Marmalade boy but abit less romantic. But you will find the humor of Marmalade Boy. Be sure to check it out if you like Marmalade boy

In both "Marmalade Boy" and "Kodocha" you have a couple who stuggles to be together. You could say that Marmalade Boy is the slightly more mature version of Kodocha, with older characters. Both animes are extremely similar in both characters and visuals. But Kodocha is much more fast-paced.


I like Kodocha because it's more fast paced than Marmalade Boy. Honestly, the whole blood incest issue at the end of Marmalade Boy really turned me off.  For me, Sana is more "special" than Miki. The ones I cheer for in Marmalade Boy are not the main protagonists--rather it's Ginta and Arini. In Kodocha, I actually cheer for the main protagonists.

There are only 2 bad thing I can say about Kodocha is that the english dub for the whole series is incomplete.  It ends halfway, and I haven't watched the rest.  However, the english dubbed episodes I watched were really great.  Also, Akito's voice sounds very old for his age in the English dub--English dubbed Akito sucks in my opinion.

Bokura ga Ita

Bokura ga Ita

Yano Motoharu is the most popular guy in class, the school’s basketball ace, and highly charismatic to boot! No wonder Nanami Takahashi can’t resist falling in love with him. When Yano returns Nana’s feelings, things seem too good to be true and the two begin a relationship; but Yano has a contradictory personality which confuses Nana most of the time. On top of that, tragic events in Yano’s past won’t stop haunting their relationship. Unable to halt their passionate feelings, are Yano and Nana heading for disaster or can they save each other from irreparable hurt?

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They both involve dramatic love stories. Also, both take place in a school environment. Both are adorable and entirely worth watching.


Both involve a sweet, spirited girl who falls in love with a quiet, aloof, handsome, and fan-girl-swarmed boy who, despite all odds to the contrary, happens to love her back.  Both have another boy (or in Marmalade Boy, several boys) who try to steal the girl away.  Also, both boys have a haunting secret in their past that threatens to tear the relationship apart.  If you love a good anime that spends more time focusing on the actual relationship than on the falling in love segment (a lot of anime's don't have the couple get together until the last episode), then both of these anime are for you.


These are both very good love story's, and there are love triangles. I think that the only difference is that marmalade boy old and Bokura ga Ita new is but tht's a good thing! Bokura ga Ita has a very good story. I'm sure you would like it a lot!