Maria-sama ga Miteru 4th

Alt title: Maria Watches Over Us 4th

TV (13 eps)
4.132 of 5 from 1,085 votes
Rank #663

Lillian Girls’ Academy is about to have its school festival, and members of the student council are preparing for the event. As per tradition the yamayurikai are putting on a play with the help of the nearby Hanadera boys’ school, and this year Yumi and her brother Yuki are playing the lead roles. While it is hoped that all will go without a hitch, problems arise when Kanako’s hatred of men leads her to become unhappy with her participation, and Touko quits the drama club following a disagreement with a senpai. With Yumi attempting to resolve her juniors’ situations, she finds she has no time to plan for the anniversary of becoming Sachiko’s petite soeur; though all she can think about is her impending need to find a soeur of her own once the festival ends. Once Yoshino decides to hold an audition to find her younger sister, will Yumi be able to use this situation to finally decide upon a petite soeur of her own?

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Quizap Aug 22, 2010
Score 9/10

Rarely do I ever marathon so many episodes in a row but Marimite is just unbearable not to watch. Sachiko is such a pleasure to watch along with “some” of the other characters in the cast. Since the story revolves around Yumi, whom I like just as much as Sachiko.. maybe a bit less, lets be honest, hah.. I can’t help but like her. Yoshino’s being very frank and honest about anything... read more

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