Maria-sama ga Miteru 3rd

Alt title: Maria Watches Over Us 3rd


Custom Lists

Yuri Animeby wiccanheart

All watched yuri-themed anime in order of my personal favourites.

Long Episode Animeby chii

Anime that have 30+ minute episodes 3+ episodes (3 movie series at the end that I feel belong on this list)

Animes I Ownby MarmaladeGuy73

I only buy what I can watch more than once, so with that in mind, here's the list:

5.5 ☆ - The Short Listby sunnyloop

In my opinion, these are all wondrously well made, enjoyable, gripping, and/or meaningful. (Or in Marimite 3rd's case, just so wonderful!) Note that Higurashi Kai and Tale of Melodies are sequels, obviously you'd have to watch the earlier...