Maria-sama ga Miteru 3rd

Alt title: Maria Watches Over Us 3rd

OVA (5 eps x 50 min)
4.06 of 5 from 1,374 votes
Rank #835

At the all-girls Lillian Academy, life continues at a slow page. Yumi and Sachiko attempt to elope during the holiday, but have an unfortunate encounter with some of Sachiko's old "friends" instead. Back at school, Yumi and rest of the Lillian student council concoct their next fiendish scheme: trick Sachiko into fulfilling her role as a judge at Hanadera Academy's school festival. And so, with potential petite soeurs, creepy stalkers and even creepier kidnappers to keep her life interesting (not to mention her limited “alone time” with Sachiko), the saga of Yumi continues. Luckily for the duo, their time together proves all the more precious for the trials they have to face.

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Quizap Aug 22, 2010
Score 9.5/10

I went into this thinking the episodes were the usual length of most series OVAs but damn was I wrong, haha. Overall, I believe the time length per episode was pefect for it’s length. This series has yet to fail me in any way that I can think of. The drama is great, the interactions are real and go accordingly, to my knowledge at least, and most of all the relationship between Sachiko and Yumi was... read more

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