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Maria Holic

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3.365 out of 5 from 7,699 votes
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Kanako Miyamae hates boys so much that she breaks out into hives after any physical contact with them. So when she is able to transfer to the Ame no Kisaki Girl’s school, Kanako is overjoyed that she can now search for her fated yuri partner. When she arrives, Kanako meets Shidou Mariya, a beautiful young girl who is exactly her type... except that Mariya is really a sarcastic and sadistic young boy who is masquerading as a girl! With no intention of being expelled from school, Mariya threatens Kanako into keeping his secret, and decides to guard her twenty-four hours a day to ensure that she does. Now Kanako must share a room with Mariya who is gleefully making her life a misery while using his ‘feminine’ charms to stop her protesting. Throw into the mix Ryuuken, the most popular girl in school who has vowed to protect her; and Kiri - who claims they are dating to prevent her from being bullied - and it seems as if Kanako’s dream of all-girl school life will be nothing like she imagined!

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Maria Holic Alive TV 2011 Sequel

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Maria Holic 2006 Original Manga
Name Role
Hideyuki MORIOKA Character Design
Akiyuki SHINBO Director
Tatsuya NISHIWAKI Music
Minari ENDOU Original Manga Creator

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Maria Holic KiraRin 7/10 Jul 13, 2010

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Maria Holic jypsyjulia 3/10 Nov 6, 2013
Maria Holic Doomoo 3/10 Nov 2, 2012
Maria Holic Komirai 6/10 Sep 22, 2012
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Light anime lyllyean 18 Apr 13, 2014
Quiero Ver Edalor 303 Mar 27, 2014
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zaitokun rated the Maria Holic anime 0.5/5 stars
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Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Life is simply not worth living for down and out school teacher Itoshiki Nozomu. He has no hope of progress, no prospect of promotion, no chance at happiness… he is in despair! Even his name spells 'zetsubou' – 'despair', when compressed. But when the time comes to end it all, Itoshiki's attempted suicide on the first day of the new school year is foiled by relentlessly positive Fuura Kafuka. This saves Itoshiki long enough to meet his new class, and the quirky range of students under his care. Will Itoshiki Nozomu depress his students with his anguish? Or will Fuura show Zetsubou-sensei the joys of life and hope?

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ever since i saw maria holic, i kept thinking that there's something similar about it to szs, not just because of it's humor, but also because of  it's illustrations. in both, you can find the main character constantly having 'accidents' that are pretty much INTENTIONAL. also, both animes have harems, although in maria holic, the protagonist is the one that chases after them, not the other way around.

if you like comedies and is open-minded about certain stuff (szs has a lot of panty-shots, so be warned; and maria holic, a rather pervy girl), there's a pretty good chance you'll like one if you like the other.


Same production company, Shaft, and they have a very distinctive animation style as well as sense of humour - while retaining the charm of the original manga. Many of the voice actresses are the same, there's loads of in-jokes, weird characters are present in both and the storylines are very episodic. While Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is more of a satire filled with social criticism and black humour, Maria Holic takes a closer look at friendships, psychological manipulation and occasionally touches upon religious themes - sometimes seriously, oftentimes not.


OK, so the plots are centred on very different things, one is about a suicidal and highly negative teacher, the other a lesbian trying to find her fated partner while being tormented by a cross-dressing boy. Being from the same production company they have a similar style of animation ans well as sound design. However both series have a similar random quality to some of the humourous content so if you enjoyed that about one, then try the other.


The same type of absurd, cruel at times, humour that either makes you stay away from the show or keeps you laughing on the floor. The animation also follows the same pattern, which is swift changes between normal animation, too realistic animation, manga-like shots and totally absurd animation. The show formula is also the same - small, episodic sometimes even few stories inside one episode.


Chalk this up under the "obvious" category. SZS and Maria Holic were made by the same studio, and it shows in just about every conceivable way. If liked the style of one and want some more, then by all means go check out the other.


With opening numbers that are astonishing demented and weirdly eclectic approaches to animating school comedies (dark, Taisho-inspired stylings for SZS, Catholic stained glass windows for Maria Holic) these shows have comedy so sharply similar I cannot but recommend them. Laugh at one, then check out the other.


So the plots for both series have almost nothing at all incommon with one another besides the fact that they both for the most part center around high school girls and one male.  But where both series do have a lot incommon is with their animation style which is a given since they both came from the same production company, but they also share in a similar way in which they deliver their jokes.  If you liked the style of one of these then you may want to check out the other.

Arakawa Under the Bridge

Arakawa Under the Bridge

Holding strictly to his family's creed, Kou Ichinomiya has never once, in his life of privilege, owed anything to anyone – that is, until a self-proclaimed Venusian named Nino saves him from drowning in the wake of a dire accident involving Kou's pants. Eternally indebted to the supposed extraterrestrial, Kou moves into her little community under the bridge along the Arakawa river. Ripped from his life of luxury and success, the young Tokyo U graduate now must adjust to his well-appointed hovel, strange new neighbors, and peculiar lover, Nino.

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Arakawa and Maria†Holic are gag/comedy series with the same senes of humor. A cast full of quirky characters who repeat similar jokes throughout the show, sadism played for humor, and copious amounts of nose/scar-bleeds. They're both by Shaft/Shinbo, so they have similar art direction as well.


Arakawa Under the Bridge and Maria Holic both feature naive leads who are thrown into bizarre situations with a crazy cast of characters. They both have a lot of random humor and a very similar animation style.


The whole entire comedic sense of Maria Holic and Arakawa Under the Bridge are the same.  The strange and weird sense of human a viewer has to posses to watch these sadistic, wacky characters is mind boggling.


Rare is it I see an anime opening that is so upbeat and so demented. Well, it would be rare, but Shaft comediess such as these provide it a lot. Our protagonist sets out wih much opiminism into their new world, but soon finds themselves screwed over by the gods of comedy and rammed into ever more peculiar situations with weirder casts. Aside from being comedies, in terms of actual genre Maria Holic and Arakawa have little in common, but as comedies they deliver pretty similar humour.


Well for starters their both shaft anime so you can expect that same shaft level of comedy and style that you have come to expect from them.  But beyond that both series do share some other incommon with one another.  Both series features a rather interesting cast of characters who are sure to keep the show interesting and entertaining.  As well as an opening and ending that are rather hard to hate.  So if you liked one then you really should consider watching the other.


Both shows are comedies full of characters that do their darndest to be quirky. Their styles of comedies are pretty alike: there's a lot of recurring jokes and straight man vs. gag-maker routines. The comedy in MariaHolic might be more cruel, and it takes place in an all-girls' school, but these really are the biggest differences.

Since both shows are Shinbo-directed SHAFT comedies there are also a lot of similarities between the shows' art and directing as well.

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Mayo Chiki!

Mayo Chiki!

Due to his upbringing with a wrestler mother and an equally-as-strong sister who beat him up constantly, Kinjirou Sakamachi would rather die than be touched by the opposite sex. So when the boy accidentally discovers that the dreamy school idol (and butler of the wealthy Kanade) Subaru is actually a girl in disguise, Kinjirou finds his life becomes far more complicated. For in exchange for keeping Subaru's gender a secret, Kanade is determined to cure Kinjirou of his gynophobia, with Subaru's help, once and for all...

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Both series involve a crossdresser, and the main character keeping their secret, while the crossdresser watches over the main character to make sure their cover isn't blown.. Both series are also in a school setting.


The main characters both in Maria Holic and Mayo Chiki have many similarities. They both feature Crossdressers, and have a reason (Maria has a boy dressed as a girl, and Mayo Chiki has a girl as a boy). The ones that get introduced to them have some symptoms that make either one break out into hives, or have extreme nosebleeds. Both feature a school-based elements, "cruel" sidekicks to the crossdressers, the list goes on. If you loved either or, you'll find the same great humor and craziness, in the other.


A protagonist who cannot stand the touch of the opposite sex, a manipulative rich person forcing the protagonist to keep a secret, crossdressing, and frequent nosebleeds.  These shows are two peas in a pod.  I'll mention now that I thought Mayo Chiki was the better comedy though.


Same basic plot, but gender inverted. (Well, to an extent. If Mayo Chiki was completely gender inverted there would be mass public outcry.) Both have gender bending shenanigans, and a lead that has a phobia of the opposite sex. Mayo Chiki is more ecchi, and Maria Holic takes itself a little less seriously.

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Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High is a school for the extremely wealthy or, in Haruhi's case, the extremely talented. But no amount of talent will help when Haruhi accidentally drops an eight million yen vase in a music room. The vase was the property of Ouran High School Host Club, a group of attractive young men who, for a fee, provide their time and affections for their lovesick clientele: the female students. Fascinated by this strange new specimen, a poor and clumsy commoner, they force Haruhi to work for them until the debt is repaid; but they get a lot more than they bargained for...

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I like ouran high school host club sooo much more than Maria Holic, Because maria holic is less funny, less roamntic, etc...

But they both have similar story line. In ouran high school host club the girl is confuse with a boy and most keep the secret. In maria holic the boy is confuse with a girl and most keep the secret.


Each of these shows are centered around and hang heavily on cross dressers and manipulation as the stories premise. Beyond that, romance, at least in some way, is a strong factor in each series, along with comedy. Maria+Holic is the more twisted little lesbian sister of Ouran.


There are quite a few similarities Maria Holic and Ouran High School Host Club. When it comes to setting, the schools that these shows take place in both give off an elusive and exclusive air.

Both have strong casts with some characters who are aware of fanservice and use it to their advantage as well as crossdressers.

The silliness of the plots and characters also seem alike. When it comes to the darker plot points, there is even some overlap; The newcomer attracts the attention of a school idol, is therefore bullied by jealous fans.

Maria Holic seems to be more mean-spirited, though.

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Binbougami ga!

Binbougami ga!

On Earth, humans live unaware of the many gods who watch over them and help maintain a sense of balance. But one day, a very special girl named Ichiko Sakura will come face to face with one in the flesh – Momiji, the goddess of misfortune! For Ichiko is unknowingly sapping good fortune from those around her, sporting abnormal levels of beauty, intellect, athletic skill and wealth, and it's up to Momiji to help put things back into order. There's just one problem: selfish Ichiko is fully satisfied with her life, and wants nothing of the sort! Determined to keep her mojo safe from the cranky goddess's giant syringe and wide array of bad luck "devices", Ichiko now must deal with a whole host of supernatural lunatics and the fact that her new tormentor has moved in as an unwanted house guest, all the while trying her best to stay as fabulous as possible!

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not rated
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With an extremely verbally aggressive main protagonist and a good responsive cast to support their nature, these two shows are very epic and very fun to watch for the slapstick and just hilarious moments of abuse and satirical humor.

If you enjoyed one, boy, you will definitely enjoy the other.


Both Binbougami go! and Maria Holic have the same type of humor, girls saying things you'd never hear them say, and strong, aggressive, well defined characters.  Blunt, crass, and ever so colorful, both are filled with creative insults and ridiculous situations. If you laughed at one, you will surely laugh at the other.

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