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Marginal Prince

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2.006 out of 5 from 392 votes
Rank #4,682


Yuuta has just left his beloved sister behind to attend St Alfonso Academy: a secretive facility located on a small island in the Atlantic Ocean. There, cut off from the outside world, Yuuta cohabitates with five lovely "Marginal Princes": student representative Joshua Grant, movie star Alfred "Red" Visconti, otaku Sylvain Clark, bespectacled Haruya Kobayashi, and Henri-Hughes de Saint Germaine. Through classes, investigations, and musical numbers galore, Yuuta will experience the life of a student alongside his handsome friends.

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Name Role
Toshiko SASAKI Character Design
Takayuki INAGAKI Director
Yasunori IWASAKI Music

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Gakuen Heaven

Gakuen Heaven

As Ito Keita looks at the envelope in his hand, he is both excited and worried. Inside is the renowned "Platinum Letter", an invitation to the most esteemed boys-only high school in the country: Bell Liberty. Only the very best students are considered for this special academy, and each must display an outstanding skill or talent to be admitted. So with average grades and no special skills to speak of, why is Keita now finding himself on the bus to Bell Liberty? Will he be able to find his place among the elite, or find out why the school chairman himself issued the invitation?

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Marginal Prince is so so similar to Gakuen Heaven, except that in Marginal Prince the protagonist and the leading man don't have a past. The two anime are the most similar shounen-ai I've ever watched. Try to watch the first episode and compare the first episode to Gakuen Heaven, you'll be shocked, give it a try. The president of Gakuen Heaven rides a motorbike then picked up Keita, and in Marginal Prince the president also picks up the protagonist but not with a bike, with a white horse. hahahahah


These shows are remarkably similar. The main character in both is the one "normal" guy in an elite boys' boarding school. Both shows have little going on by way of plot, some very mild shounen-ai, a bit of teen angst, and some light comedy. If you like one you'll probably like the other, but if you only watch one see "Marginal Prince" for its astoundingly cheesy musical numbers.


An average MC finds himself at an elite private boarding school for boys. Both fall into that oh-so-light shounen-ai category which results in frustrated shipping, and both plots are yawn-worthy at best and cheesy at worst.

Meine Liebe

Meine Liebe

It was a time of political instability. While most of Europe was involved with power struggles, the island country of Kuchen followed its own independent path; and with the leadership of an intelligent king and his advisors, the people worked to restore their kingdom. These advisors, with strong minds and good backgrounds, were graduates of a prestigious boarding school known as the Rozenstolz Academy. Follow the lives of the five students with the potential to become the king's next advisors (known as the Strahl candidates), as they strive to achieve their dreams.


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If you liked the elite private school setting in Marginal Prince, check out the vastly superior Meine Liebe. ML is set in an older time period, boasts a cast of equally attractive bishies with much more tragic and dramatic pasts, and has a more coherent plot in general.