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In the poverty stricken city of Genoa, Italy, a young man named Marco's mother departs for Argentina, where she can work to help support her family. One year after her departure, Marco still lives in Genoa with his physician father and handful of friends, and misses his mother terribly. When her usual letter fails to arrive, Marco decides to do something drastic -- go alone to Argentina to find her! With only a small amount of money and no one to turn to, this brave little boy sets off on an adventure through continents, storms and treachery, all for a chance to see his mother again...

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Name Role
Yoichi KOTABE Character Design
Shunji SAIDA Character Design
Kozo KUZUHA Director
Matsumi TANAKA Producer
Rintaro KOHAMA Producer
Takeshi YOSHIDA Producer

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Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Marco sothis 8/10 Oct 3, 2004

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unforgettable animes xCoComi 30 Feb 9, 2013
yunaleska rated the Marco anime 2/5 stars
yunaleska rated the Marco anime 2.5/5 stars
dj8900 dropped Marco
pinkarray won't watch Marco
XiMiOi removed the Marco anime from their anime list

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Dog of Flanders

In 19th century Belgium, in the Flanders countryside, lived a young boy with an artistic flair named Nello, and his faithful companion Patrash. Though poor in the physical sense, the two friends shared a rich life along with Alois, one of Nello's neighbors, and his grandfather, his last living relative. Though great sorrow and hardship looms closely in the future, one thing is for certain, the devotion and companionship of Nello and Patrash will never fade...


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Although Dog of Flanders is definitely a tragedy at its core (whereas Marco has a more uplifting feel), both seemed to be on the same page for some reason. Whether it's just the animation style, or something more... a deep sense of family and strength. I'm not sure why, but I think if you liked one, you'd like the other.