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2.111 out of 5 from 126 votes
Rank #4,495


Tokishima Gen was a regular high school student until aliens attacked Earth – then he waved goodbye to his normal life. He discovers that he’s The Mapman, a chosen descendent of the Nomad Star Tribe, and is the only person who is capable of finding the Star Maps that lead to a mysterious treasure known as "Flowing Light." Not that he believes any of this nonsense, of course. Rescued by the living starship Lipumira, Gen and his girlfriend Hoshimi find themselves on an adventure through space to locate the pieces of the map before Lipumira’s sisters, or other evil aliens, get their hands on Gen.

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Name Role
Masahiko OHKURA Character Design
Susumu NISHIZAWA Director
Masao MACHIZUKI Producer
Mukihiro IWATA Producer

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Starch watched MAPS at 4 of 4 episodes
dj8900 dropped MAPS
oldcharlie55 wants to watch MAPS
XiMiOi removed the MAPS anime from their anime list
animeobssesivetomuch won't watch MAPS

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