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Ten years ago, Victoria Island's protector of peace and order, the World Tree, was destroyed, and humans were given the blame. Because of the tree's destruction, each of the five races - warriors, archers, magicians, thieves, and humans - moved to Maple Island, and have been enemies with each other ever since. Al is a young human who wants nothing more than to train and become stronger, and to do so, he disguises himself as a non-human to interact with the other races and learn their trades. Along with the snobbish magician Nina, Al will continue his training and search for adventures along the way; but one question remains: why are the evil Zakuns, as well as the other races, trying to find the seeds of the World Tree which were scattered across the land?

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PsykeShow Aug 17, 2014
Score 8/10

First of all, it's been impossible to find a subbed version of this. But Nexon Europe has now subbed every 26 episode of them on youtube!

Okay, lets start. I think this is a very "love it or hate it" anime, and it's probably not going to be as fun if you've never played the MMORPG Maple Story itself. 

I find the story interesting, and I love how I know where they are in the Maple... read more

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