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Custom Lists

  • Arata the Legend
  • Amatsuki
  • Aldnoah Zero (2015)
  • Amagi Brilliant Park
  • Aldnoah Zero

The 3.5 Club by animeobssesivetomuch

Anime that were really great, but couldn't make it on my favorite anime list.

  • Accel World
  • Air
  • Aishiteruze Baby
  • Angel Beats!
  • Angel Beats! Another Epilogue

2012 :D by Aliciana

  • Accel World OVA
  • Accel World Specials
  • Another 0-kan
  • Asa Made Jugyou Chu!
  • Ben-To Picture Drama

want to watch by hapablab

  • A-Channel + smile
  • +A-Channel
  • 11eyes Special
  • 009-1 Special
  • Break Blade Picture Drama

Useless Things... by chii

Not saying all these are bad just @.@ WHY SO MANY SPECIALS.... (I wish these were part of their main series instead like how ANIDB lists specials...)

  • Casshern Sins
  • Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan 2
  • Aoi and Mutsuki: A Pair of Queens
  • Blue Gender
  • Animatrix

Anime Characters added by lesterf1020

Stuff I have added characters to, excluding moderations.