Major Season 3

TV (26 eps)
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Having turned down a place as Kaido’s ace, Egashira Edawara, Kaido’s agent, still hasn’t forgiven Goro, and his dirty politics deal our hero a devastating blow! Refused entry into every school with a baseball team, Goro joins Seishuu High where baseball has no place and the girls outnumber the boys 452 to 38. Never one to balk at a challenge, Goro decides to set up a new team of his own to use to defeat Kaido; but first he must persuade the few unwilling boys at his disposal to join him before even thinking about how he will train them up to be good enough. Things at home aren’t easy either as his father struggles with the last days of his baseball career. As Goro enters the grown-up world of baseball where being an ace alone is of little use, he must learn to take responsibility not just for his own training but for those of the entire team...

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VivisQueen Jan 27, 2008
Score 7.5/10

You know that feeling you had when you first walked out of your favourite Rocky movie? Triple it, sprinkle with some steroids, and you have a great concoction called Major Season 3 which I recommend taking twice daily. Seventy-eight episodes on, and this show has not lost its motivational effect at all. Season 3 returned to a more... read more

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