Major Season 2

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Goro is back, and just in time to revive the struggling East Mifune Middle School baseball team! After four years, none could be happier to see him than his old friends Komori, Sawamura and Shimizu, but having grown older and taken different paths, baseball is no longer the bond it used to be. Add to that tournaments, bullies both on and off the pitch, and the ongoing threat of his friend-turned-rival Sato Toshiya, and it really looks like Goro has his work cut out for him. Still, his dream to go pro burns strong; if he must single-handedly build East Mifune from the ground up to realize that dream, then so be it. With new challenges and stronger opponents than ever before, let's hope Goro can keep his infamous cool long enough to strike 'em all into defeat!

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VivisQueen's avatar by VivisQueen on Jan 20, 2008
Score: 7/10

Major continues to ooze that all-important ‘awesome' factor, but the overall effect in this instalment is diminished slightly by a poorer plot structure than that of its predecessor. The story can pretty much be divided into three acts; the first sees a continuation of the status quo (Goro leads a gang of school kids to victory), the second and... read more

Pemi84's avatar by Pemi84 on Apr 29, 2011
Score: 8/10

Major Season 2. If you watched the first season, you definitely have to watch this one too. STORY At the beggining, we meet Komori, Shimizu and Sawamura, now older than in the first series. Then arrives Goro, who just moved back. He learns that East Mifune Middle School baseball is having hard times, and despite his injury from the past, he overcomes himself and helps. More interesting it becames when his... read more

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