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Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

Alt titles: Neuro

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3.841 out of 5 from 2,924 votes
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The always-hungry Yako Katsuragi is a super famous high school-aged detective who cracks the hardest of cases with ease – at least, that’s what the general populace thinks! Behind the scenes, Yako is helped by Neuro – a maniacal being from the demon world who is looking for new mysteries to devour. Alongside local detectives and a helpful sidekick, Yako and Neuro will solve the unique and the bizarre cases that plague the city; but will Yako ever discover the truth behind her father’s supposed "suicide"?

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro 2005 TBD
Name Role
Mika TAKAHASHI Character Design
Hiroshi KOUJINA Director
Tomoki HASEGAWA Music
Yusei MATSUI Original Manga Creator

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Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro Grospoliner 0.1/10 Feb 18, 2014
Neuro Grospoliner 0.1/10 Feb 18, 2014
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro ChrystalChameleon 7/10 Jan 5, 2011
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My favourites GiraffeOfSirius 38 Apr 13, 2014
Anime Club Fall 2013 Halloween SonicFan3 8 Mar 27, 2014
50 Anime in 50 Weeks Mystotakun 60 Feb 24, 2014
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Neuro - bloody good jann4061 0 Dec 8, 12
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In post-war Japan, the nation remains unsettled and crime is as big a problem as ever. Despite his sharp mind and keen deductions, "Defeated Detective" Shinjurou Yuuki frequently loses out to his rival, Rinroku Kaishou, whose information network has previously aided many police investigations. However, in spite of his poor reputation, Shinjurou continues to work on every case he's recruited to with his mysterious assistant Inga. With Inga's power to transform into a being capable of forcing any person to truthfully answer one question put to them, the pair uses everything at their disposal to get to the bottom of each crime and reveal the true culprit – even if the reality of who solved the case never reaches the public...

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Both feature mysteries with supernatural crimesolvers. Inga and Shinjuurou's relationship reminded me of Neuro and Yako somewhat, and both series take a dark look at the mystery genre.


Un-Go and Neuro are extremely similar. A detective solves cases with the help of a bizarre, supernatural helper. They have a similar feel too - a PERFECT recommendation for each other.


Both are about normal human detectives that get help solving mysteries from a very quirky supernatural being. Reverse the roles of male and female for each shows detective and helper and they are pretty much the same show! check em both out.


Both of the animes are pretty much the same. Neuro and Inga both feed off on mysteries, souls and stuff. Should check the other one out if you're into this anime.


These two share a supernatural, powerful sidekick, but the nature of the protagonist is very different. If you're after more of a comic touch, go for Majin Tantei; if you're looking for a cooler, intellectual (but darker) main character, go for Un-Go. 


Although I felt Neuro was much better, Un-Go was not too bad and they both really are good recommendations to each other.

You have what you may call a "monster" or a "demon" as part of the detective group along with a normal human. The duo solve mysteries for their own special purposes while meeting new people and joining forces with others.

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In Victorian England it is commonplace for the rich and wealthy to have a staff, led by a head butler, to run their households; the Phantomhive Estate is no different. The young and demanding Count Ciel Phantomhive, child owner of a toy company, lives in the grand countryside manor. Sebastian is his head butler, and the epitome of perfection; he effortlessly and gracefully completes his day-to day chores and fixes the countless mistakes of the other employees. However, whilst on the outside all seems prim and proper, a more sinister secret lies just beneath the surface. Sebastian is in fact a demon bound by a contract with the young count; he will loyally serve and fight for him in return for his soul.

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if you enjoyed the witty, dark and comedic taste of majin tantei nougami neuro, you'll surely love the same themes of Kuroshitsuji.

there are some similarities between both anime, such as the "partnership" between a human and a demon but what really strikes me is the same mood they portrayed, although kuroshitsuji is somewhat darker than MTNN. i deeply fell in love with MTNN but when i started watching KS, it was ten times the feeling i got with the former! i truly believe those who enjoyed MTNN would also enjoy watching Kuroshitsuji.


"Kuroshitsuji" and "Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro" have many common elements: a pact with a demon, a few supernatural investigations (but they don't have the main role in the anime, like in "Detective Conan"), and a polite, smart and fighting demon..


Basically, Kuroshituji is the same thing as Neuro, even if they don't seem simillar at all

in both anime the main character is an orphan who loses his parents and meets badass demon who helps him for some price

also both shows have episodic character


Both series have mystery, fantasy and a lot of comic situations. Even Kuroshitsuji takes place in Anglia by 1800, the atmosphere that contures series it's the same.

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Ayatsuri Sakon

Ayatsuri Sakon

Tachibana Sakon is a skilled puppeteer with an unusual hobby: solving murders. Along with Ukon, a one-of-a-kind puppet made in the Meiji era, Sakon manages to find himself in a variety of life-threatening situations. Join the duo as they put their detective skills to the test in terrifying cases of revenge, malice, and murder.

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If you like detective shows with a twist, and liked Neuro, you'd surely like the far superior Ayatsuri Sakon. It's darker, more interesting, and generally more gruesome than Neuro - and that's a good thing! If you liked Neuro, don't miss Ayatsuri Sakon.


Nougami Neuro and Ayatsuri Sakon are two detective show. Putting aside the fact they follow a character inverstigating over a murder case both show often, if not alway, end up with the killer turning berserk, on it's own way, depending of the anime.


if you like supernatural detective series than neuro and ayatsuri should be able to suppress your appetite.  the cases are always solved (with a few side consequences) and the characters always hang up their coats at the end of the day feeling as if they've accomplished what they needed to accomplish. also, the characters themselves are rather interesting.  worth looking into.

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Kimimaro Yoga could use a break. At nineteen years old, he's not only a student at Heisei College of Economics, he's also a part time employee and flat out broke. So when an eerie man offers the boy a special ATM card and an exorbitant amount of cash, Kimimaro gives in to temptation – but there's a catch. In exchange for his good fortune, Kimimaro's very future is put at stake, held as collateral by the Bank of Midas and tied to the amount of yen in his bank account. In addition, he must participate in a special battle every week in the mysterious 'Financial District' – a battle where losing against one's opponent can mean bankruptcy, a fate that carries an unthinkable cost in the normal world...

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Plot-wise these two aren't similar at all - but the very creepy, odd character designs of Neuro and Masakaki completely reminded me of each other. If you're looking for something outside of the norm visually, check out either of these.


Agreed with sothis that they're not similar in plot, but that Neuro and Masakaki have similar personalities and roles.


just like sothis has said, plot-wise they are similar and animation wise in some areas too. They both have a nice story and it can be a little confusing on both, unless you pay attention like i did.

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Death Note

Death Note

Have you ever felt like the world would be a better place if certain people weren’t around? Such grim daydreams might occur when watching the dismal daily news, but on one fateful day, Light Yagami finds that these daydreams can become reality. By pure happenstance, he comes across a black notebook entitled "Death Note", whose text within states that whoever's name is written on its pages will die. With the aid of the death god Ryuk, Light takes it upon himself to rid the world of its corruption, ushering in a new era of purity one death at a time. But as Ryuk foretells, Light's actions will not go unchallenged...

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Death Note's L, like Neuro, is a detective unlike anyone you've ever seen. They are both as eccentric as they can get. If you like brilliant minds that are a little out-of-the-ordinary, then watch Death Note.


If you like the mysteries of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, you're going to love the back and forth battle between Light and L of Deathnote (or vice versa) as they both fight for what they believe is Justice.

Also, we cannot forget the Shinigami that appear, such as Ryuk. Both of these animes have 'hell' references, which seems to atract many people by it's own right.


Death Note and Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro Are Very Similar in quite a few ways. They Both Have a Somewhat Dark Atmosphere And Involve Refrences To Demononic Creatures and Solving Mysteries. They Also Both have a Comedic-Side to them, Although Neuro's Comedy is a lot more Frequent. They Both have interesting Plots That will have good Mystery fans on the edge's of their sits.

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