Majestic Prince

Alt title: Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince


Custom Lists

Every Completed Anime (& Thoughts)by SeprithLiCastia

A comprehensive list of every Anime I have taken to completion (or feel I have seen enough) and my thoughts on each. Order was chosen based on personal enjoyment and feelings on the series in question.

Good Space/sci-fi Animeby BountyV

My favorite anime with space/sci-fi as the setting!

Top Space Animeby Asimov

Astronauts, space travel, interstellar war, aliens, and more!

Seenby KatieNyaNya

Seen all OR most of it.

Finished (2016)by JadedDragos

Anime that I have finished in 2016.

My Top 30 Favorite Obscure Anime Series (a.k.a Not Well Known)by duchessliz

I'm always looking for good anime and I happened to stumble upon these 30 series that are basically unknown. I felt the need to share with others. I recommend each of them. Some more than others, but they're all worth the try. Several of them are...

Recomendby deathblade1134

already watched but good, not necessarily worth co op revive

Must Watch Robot Animeby srwseki

I watched tons of robot anime, and these are what I recommend for anyone.