Maison Ikkoku

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Yusaku Godai is a ronin – a person who failed his entrance exams. Though eager for a second chance to succeed, Yusaku’s attempts to study for future exams are constantly thwarted by his fellow residents at Maison Ikkoku, who insist on using his apartment for their debauchery and drinking games. Though tempted to call it quits at the house, things change when Maison Ikkoku’s beautiful new building manager, Kyoko, arrives. With plenty of competition from the sidelines and interference from his drunken and provocative neighbors, Yusaku must now focus his energy on winning the girl of his dreams, Kyoko!

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BeheadedDog Jun 16, 2015
Score 7.5/10

An anime show that is based in the real world. A struggling student decides to work harder to earn the love of his newly arrived landlord who is later revealed to be widow. Rumiko takahashi delievered another anime where you will see a lot of stufss that is identical to her other works. Love of the main leads is cleared right on the first episode but the relationship clears as the series progresses. There are... read more

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Foolish1 Sep 23, 2011
Score 8/10

Am not good at reviewing so i will just post some1s review which copies my exact words into perfect english. if any1 reads this dont forget to thank the official person who wrote the review below ^.^   Nothing, nothing, nothing can prepare you for this series. When most of you think of Takahashi Rumiko, you think super-dimensional mallets, massive glomping, slapstick humor and an entourage... read more

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