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Custom Lists

First Quarterby saigonoichigeki

the best animes i ve seen this first quarter

Romance Anime To Watchby umiapple

This contains a list of romance anime that anyone can watch.

All time favouritesby Aljosja

Just a list of my all time favourite anime series, in no particular order

A List of Anime Series I've Rewatchedby bvincent

A list of Anime series that I've watched at least twice. Ordered by times watched and sorted alphabetically.

A list of the longest shows I've watchedby bvincent

A list of the shows that I've seen that are over at least 30 episodes.

anime for older audiences not ecchi nor hentaiby grinrause

a list of anime I like want some recommendation and help to find some common qualities among them. thanks and if you like some of them try others on the list. wont be desapointed. ps. i dont think city hunter is ecchi and golden boy is so...

Top 30 anime seriesby lighthalzen

Ordered (kind of). Most of the time all the franchise counts. Since I'm not very sure of some placements, I've put a bit more than 30 because they could be in it too, depending on my humor.