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Maison Ikkoku

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Yusaku Godai is a ronin – a person who failed his entrance exams. Though eager for a second chance to succeed, Yusaku’s attempts to study for future exams are constantly thwarted by his fellow residents at Maison Ikkoku, who insist on using his apartment for their debauchery and drinking games. Though tempted to call it quits at the house, things change when Maison Ikkoku’s beautiful new building manager, Kyoko, arrives. With plenty of competition from the sidelines and interference from his drunken and provocative neighbors, Yusaku must now focus his energy on winning the girl of his dreams, Kyoko!

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Maison Ikkoku: Kanketsuhen Movie 1988 TBD
Maison Ikkoku: Through the Passing of the Seasons TV Special 1988 Condensed Version Maison Ikkoku: Through the Passing of the Seasons is a compilation of scenes from various episodes of the TV series.
Maison Ikkoku: Shipwrecked on Ikkoku Island OVA 1991 Side Story
Maison Ikkoku: Prelude, When the Cherry Blossoms in the Springtime Return OVA 1992 Prequel The Prelude OVA is a compilation of flashback scenes from the TV series regarding Kyoko's history with Soichiro, narrated by Kyoko.

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Maison Ikkoku 1980 Original Manga
Name Role
Yuji MORIYAMA Character Design
Akemi TAKADA Character Design
Takashi ANNO Director
Kazuo YAMAZAKI Director
Naoyuki YOSHINAGA Director
Kenji KAWAI Music
Takao SUGIYAMA Music
Rumiko TAKAHASHI Original Manga Creator
Yoko MATSUSHITA Producer
Yuko KATO Producer
Makoto KUBO Producer

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Maison Ikkoku Foolish1 8/10 Sep 23, 2011
Maison Ikkoku vinion2000 6/10 Aug 11, 2011
Maison Ikkoku vivafruit 4/10 Jul 21, 2011
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Quiero Ver Edalor 303 Mar 27, 2014
Anime I remember from my childhood trottolina 29 Mar 9, 2014
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I resumed watching "Maison Ikkoku" FranceDuffoo 0 Jul 16, 12
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Kimagure Orange Road TV

Kimagure Orange Road  TV

A classic romantic comedy from the 1980's, telling the bittersweet story of three high school students. The series features very unique storytelling and direction, music from some of the biggest Japanese pop acts of the 1980's, and an added twist as Kyosuke and his family are ESPers, whose powers are used to tell unique stories and put the characters in unusual situations.

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oooo don't we just love 80's love stories ^^ Kimagure Orange Road (KOR)is another cute love story and just like Maison Ikkoku it's a school anime with alot of cute moments. Be sure to check it out if you liked Maison Ikkoku.
Another classic romance/comedy...... with a great supporting cast of characters, which you should definitely enjoy.... a similar emphasis on stand-alone stories and slowly building up a larger relationship.

Maison Ikkoku and KOR are surprisingly similar. A love triangle forms the basis of each show, and great pleasure is taken to tease the indecisive male lead. In addition, the animation style is very similar; the two female leads could be sisters!


Both series are eighties era romance stories told in a simple, unhurried manner. The shows take time to develop the various relationships and both feature at least one love triangle (a common tool used by Maison Ikkoku creator Rumiko Takahashi) which are used to further the various dramatic and comedic scenes present in both series. Maison Ikkoku deals with a more adult situation with older characters while Kimagure Orange Road is about middle schoolers. Despite the age difference the two series often parallel the other and a fan of one will definitely enjoy the other as well.


While Orange Road involves supernatural powers (ESPers), both are beautiful old school love stories. Kyosuke can't really get to close to Madoka and so can't Yusaku to Kyoko. Enjoyed one? Enjoy the other!


Both Maison Ikkoku and Kimagure Orange Road feature strong characters that feel real and grow throughout the series. They all have their flaws and you can't help but cheer for them. KOR features fantasy aspects with ESPers, but both feel very grounded.

Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2

Ranma, raised to be a man among men, has a bit of a problem: he is half woman! While training in China he fell into a strange magic spring at Jusenkyo. Now, he is eternally cursed to change into a beautiful woman whenever he is hit by cold water, but that may be the least of his problems; his father has betrothed him to marry! There's never a dull day for Ranma as he attempts to find a cure for his curse, train to become stronger, and grapple with the fact that half of himself may be more feminine than his fiancée!

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From the same author as Ranma, also a great 80's series. Also a love story with some interesting humor.

Both Ranma 1/2 and Maison Ikkoku are fun-filled, comedic shows originally created by the same author, Rumiko Takahashi. Whacky characters and situations abound, though Maison Ikkoku takes a more real-life approach to Ranma 1/2's exaggerated style. If you enjoyed one the other is definitely worth your time.


Both these are anime are filled with love triangles and have lots of comedy. Misunderstandings are a constant problem, but true love always finds a way!


Seen this as a kid and some years ago the complete series, it realy has the feeling of a Ranma 1/2 like cartoon, all the fun u'll get from 80's anime with a lovestory on the background ... 

Realy recommended if youre an 80's kid :) 

watch it online now!

Honey and Clover

Honey and Clover

Art college: cradle of romance, home of bittersweet moments. Takemoto is struggling to find his direction in life, while his roommates Morita and Mayama are moving confidently - or recklessly - towards their goals. Enter Hagu-chan, the childlike and beautiful prodigy whom everyone admires; and thus the love triangles begin. Together, the trio explore the pain of first love, the trials of romantic conflict, and our loyalty to those annoying people who happen to be our closest friends.

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The Maison Ikkoku anime, adapted from Rumiko Takahashi's seinen manga of the same name, premiered on March 26, 1986 on Fuji Television. Almost twenty years later, the very same network launched the noitaminA lineup, a programming block aimed at older female audiences, with Honey and Clover. In spite of the generational gap, Maison Ikkoku and Hachikuro are equal in the fact that both succeed where other "romantic comedies" fail: they are funny, but not childish, and portray their characters' feelings and emotions without being overly sappy or melodramatic.

If you liked one, there's no reason you shouldn't watch the other.


Honey and Clover and Maison Ikkoku are very similar in feeling, though Maison Ikkoku is more comedic. They both deal with college life, growing up, and love, even falling in love with an older widow in both series. If you're looking for a good laugh with sweet and poignant moments, then either one is for you.

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Love Hina

Love Hina

Keitaro Urashima is somewhat of a failure. In order to fulfill a promise he made to a girl fifteen years ago, he has tried time and again to get into Tokyo U but has never managed to pass the exam. However, fate smiles upon him and he ends up working for his aunt, managing an all-girls dorm! Living with the feral Kaolla, the timid Shinobu, the sake-loving Mitsune, the blade mistress Motoko and the punch-happy Naru, can Keitaro keep his focus and keep his promise? And will he ever end up meeting that girl from his past?

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Well, other than the fact that the plots are near identical? Maison Ikkoku is the predecessor to Love Hina, and is well worth the time to watch, if you can get your hands on it. Sure, Love Hina is more widely known, and enjoyed, but I think Maison Ikkoku holds its own merit despite this.

There's at least three similair things in both Love Hina and Maison Ikkoku. 1: They're both typical love stories with a love-at-first-sight scenario, rivals and misunderstandings and slowly evolving romance. 2: There's a healthy amount of comedy in both of them, though in Love Hina it's more crude and there's more ecchi included too. 3: In both series the backdrop of the events is a dormitory, where the hero or heroine starts working and thus sets off a chain of events.

Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex is a story of a boy and a girl. The girl, Koizumi Risa, is much taller than the average Japanese girl; and the boy, Atsushi Otani, is much shorter than the average Japanese boy. Due to their immense difference in size and constant bickering with each other, the duo is unwillingly the school’s comic relief. As Risa and Otani continue to provide endless laughter for the masses, their friendship develops; and with that, so does Risa’s feelings for Otani...

my list:

not rated
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2 people agree

Both of these series are romantic and filled with silly misunderstandings. They manage to have the perfect balance between goofy comedy and a wonderful love story.


Romance; delightful and endearing but not without it's hardships, so unbelievably true for Koizumi Risa (Lovely Complex) and Yusaku Godai (Maison Ikkoku). They both try to win the heart of the one they love but things just keep getting in the way. Both are character driven and by all the love that occurs. It may get sappy at times, but it sure feels good. Don't mind the dated animation of Maison Ikkoku, as the story and characters make up for it. Either way, you end up with a great romantic/comedy.