Mahou Sensei Negima! ~Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba~

Alt title: Negima! ~Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba~

OVA (3 eps)
3.796 of 5 from 1,761 votes
Rank #1,353

Negi has just discovered that his father is still alive; thus, he decides to travel to Wales and find him, and prepares to say goodbye to his students. When some of his class learn that Negi may not return to the Mahora Academy they form the Ala Alba – a club with the purpose of finding Negi’s father and returning to school safely. Following their grueling training the Ala Alba – under the guise of the British Culture Research Club – is ready to depart for Mundus Magicus. However, before they can leave the Ala Alba has to contend with other classmates who want in on the action, as well as Negi’s jealous childhood friend, Anya. At this rate, will Negi and the Ala Alba manage to make it to Wales?

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Roxiepluto's avatar by Roxiepluto on Dec 24, 2011
Score 7/10

Essentially these OVA's go back to the original harem madness that Ken Akamatsu does best and with Anya now joining the fray we see even more ridiculousness as the girls try to claim Negi.
This anime skips the Mahora Festival arc and jumps straight to the end of the 'boss fight' with Chao. The episodes focus entirely on the summer for Negi, Kotaro and all the girls of 3-A. We see the arrival of Anya, the... read more

HarioSagara's avatar by HarioSagara on Aug 12, 2011
Score 5.9/10

This 3 episode ova is about Negi and several of his students including Asuna, Konoka, Setsuna and Nodoka undergoing magical training in order to go to Wales to search for Negi's father. When Fuuko and Fumika overhear about the trip word spreads and several of the classmates become jealous, including Ayaka and Makie who have strong feelings for Negi and are upset that they were not told of the trip. There is... read more

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