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Haruo is a short geeky schoolboy with a whiny voice and glasses, and the only one in his family without magic powers. Therefore it should come as no surprise that his life is a constant struggle to prevent being ravished by any nearby female. When a witch under a curse named Mamiya enters the fray, Haruo's precious maidenhood that he holds onto so dearly is placed in grave danger. With the added risqué brought on by the arrival of this new number one contender, Haruo's struggle becomes even more desperate, and his hidden powers begin to awaken.

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Jestershock Jun 25, 2011
Score 3/10

This show has some cute character design and dancing chibis in the ending credits. That is ALL that can be said in favor of this show. Some of the gags are funny the first few times they get used, but they beat every joke to death and beyond. The ecchi sprikled throughout the show doesn't make up the idiot premise and dire lack of plot. Worst of all, though, is the ending that will actually make you curse aloud... read more

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willingotaku Jan 23, 2011
Score 10/10

From the description of Magikano's story and the various images you can find of the characters, you would never guess just how aggressive and violent the girls can be. If "Slapstick" and "Jealousy" had a baby together, you'd get Magikano. I got this series completely on a whim and I couldn't be happier with my aquisition of such a hilarious series. Sadly it's a short series, but then the... read more

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