Magical Stage Fancy Lala

Alt title: Fancy Lala

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Full Moon wo Sagashite

Full Moon wo Sagashite

Twelve year old Mitsuki's desire is to become a singer. She has the talent and a beautiful voice, but she also has a throat tumor which threatens to rob her of her gift of song. As if things weren't bad enough, two shinigami inform Mitsuki that she only has one year left to live. However, all is not lost, for they make a deal that if she goes with them, they will help realize her dream by changing her into a healthy 16-year-old, who is able to sing and apply for auditions.

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algelic algelic says...

Fancy Lala and Full Moon wo Sagashite are extremely similar. Both about girls who are given the power to become older and then try to make it into showbiz. While they both have a good amount of comedy and drama, Full Moon is considerably more dramatic than Fancy Lala and deals with more serious issues.

vmkplayer1993 vmkplayer1993 says...

If you liked Fancy Lala, you would like Full Moon because both have a somewhat same plot. A girl finds 2 plushies, and they both use somesort of powers to turn her into a teenager. Then in both Fancy Lala and Full Moon both girls get hired by an agency, and they lose the plushies by the end of the story. With many twists and turns, if you liked one you would surely like the other.

whiteneko whiteneko says...

Both anime focus on a young girl who wants to become a singer. Both anime have guardians who are plushies/stuffed animals. Both anime are very similar in art style. I have only seen the first dvd of fancy lala so I can not compare beyond that. However, I think both series are quite similar and I am quite shocked no one has made this rec yet.

Hime-chan no Ribbon

Hime-chan no Ribbon

Hime-chan was a normal girl who had all the troubles of that age. Even though she had a tomboy nature, she envied her older sister's beauty and had a crush on an older boy. She dearly wished, as many do, for something to give her the chance to grant her wishes. Soon, something did. Hime-chan came into possession of a magic ribbon, that gave her the power to change into anyone she wished. With that, she transformed into her sister - but found out a few things that she wasn't prepared for.

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Himitsu Himitsu says...

Fancy Lala and Hime-chan's Ribbon are both mahou shoujo series that aren't heavy in the "magical" area, but are still quite girly. The two series are more focused on the daily problems we face; and they show that life isn't easy, even if we have magic. I definitely think that both titles have a similar direction sense. There's some hints of romance, and the main characters are both naive, but strong-minded. Hime-chan's Ribbon and Fancy Lala will give you a great lingering impression.