Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's

TV (13 eps)
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Six months after the Jewel Seeds incident, Nanoha is still using her magical powers to help the Time-Space Administration Bureau maintain dimensional stability. However, new adversaries involved with the dreaded "Book of Darkness" Lost Logia have appeared, wielding weapon systems that far outclass Nanoha's Raising Heart and Fate's Bardiche. Nanoha, Fate and friends must now find a way to match the strength of their new opponents and once again use their powers to prevent a large time-space disaster from happening – an event which threatens not only their world, but multiple dimensions!

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Dralha's avatar by Dralha on Nov 11, 2009
Score: 10/10

Several months after the first series, a powerful new nemesis appears to challenge Nanoha and her friends. This sequel is action-packed and chock-full of massive power-anime goodness, and the story that goes along with it is just absolutely incredible. read more

Kaijo's avatar by Kaijo on Sep 12, 2010
Score: 10/10

If you've watched the first season, then you're in for a treat because Nanoha A's takes everything good about the first season, strips the bad, and improves upon it immensely. Seriously, they could not have made this more perfect... well, perhaps a bit more action at the end, but it's the only minor complaint in a long list of Awesomness.Story:The series starts up again where the last left off, with Nanoha... read more

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