Magical Chocolate

OVA (1 ep x 9 min)
1.728 out of 5 from 492 votes
Rank #5,707

Valentine's Day is approaching, and young Mami-san is apprehensive. She wants to give chocolates to her crush, Ishida, but can't seem to build up the nerve to do so. Luckily for her, she might have a solution: magical chocolates, given by a witch who seems to vanish into thin air, supposedly will grant the holder the love they desire! But will it work for Ishida?

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galacticdude7's avatar by galacticdude7 on Feb 16, 2010
Score: 5.5/10

-Story-Even though Magical Chocolate is extremely short, and leaves no time for development, It was generally good, even though it was a bit cliched. Its a rather simple story, and had some cliched moments in it. The magical chocolate that was given to Mami is still a bit of a mystery, and I wished it was explained more properly. The story is rather cute though.-Animation-The animation had a feel to it like it... read more

Thrawn's avatar by Thrawn on Feb 15, 2011
Score: 4.5/10

Well... it's an nine minute love story and the synopsis covers about seven minutes of the story, all but the conclusion; which you can probably guess. It's not much in terms of anything but considering the short length, it's forgivable; it ain't easy to come up with gripping narrative or characters that you would die for. The animation is lacking and feels cheap, the sound does nothing special... and yeah. It's... read more


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