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Magical Angel Sweet Mint

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Mint is the princess of the Kingdom of Magic - a beautiful world where witches ride brooms and vacuum cleaners, and a rainbow garden of flowers shows the current emotions and dreams of humanity. As it is her twelfth birthday, Mint must undergo a trial in order to inherit the throne: she must travel to the world of mortals and deliver to them seeds of happiness. However, when Mint discovers that all of the flowers of the rainbow garden are blue (the color of sadness), she knows her task will not be an easy one. Now, with the help of her newfound human friends Nut and Plum, her winged sidekick Waffle and her magical Aunt Herb, Mint must help others realize their dreams with items from her Happy Shop!

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Name Role
Toshiyuki TSURU Character Design
Hisatarou OOBA Director

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Mahou Shoujo Backlog juu1ch1 112 Feb 6, 2014

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Flower Witch Mary Bell

Flower Witch Mary Bell

Ken and Yuuri's parents run a flower shop, but recently times have been hard and the flowers aren't selling. To their aid comes Mary Bell, a mage from the Flower Magic World who helps those in need. Along with Ribbon the dog and Mary Bell's magical helper Tambourine, Ken, Yuuri and Mary Bell use their positivity and magic to help the plants and people of SunnyBell city. From learning to ride a bike to helping a tree grow again, there's always a fun adventure around the corner!

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Magical Angel Sweet Mint and Mary Bell are both very light shoujo titles with magical girl elements and interesting shops that help out others. If you liked one, definitely give the other a try.