Maetel Legend

OVA (2 eps)
2.81 out of 5 from 169 votes
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La Metalle, once the sister planet to Earth, is now covered by ice and snow; its inhabitants struggle to survive the crippling cold. All seems lost for humanity until a scientist named Hardgear proposes a solution called mechanization.  He intends to give each person a metal body that can withstand the planet's harsh climate, effectively creating a world of cyborgs. Princesses Maetel and Emeraldes openly oppose mechanization, fearing that they will become heartless monsters; while their mother, the Queen, undergoes the process and in turn forces her subjects to do the same.  Determined to remain human, the princesses chose to face their destinies and take on the ruthless Hardgear, even if they must pay the ultimate price with their lives.

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AirCommodore's avatar by AirCommodore on Dec 8, 2011
Score: 5/10

Meh. Maetel Legend arbitrarily decided that Maetel and Emeraldas are sisters, which was baffling and unnecessary (or am I missing something?). It also got rid of any shred of subtlety present in Leiji Matsumoto's earlier library, replacing it with "Now that I am a robot, I am PURE EVIL!" The art is slick, yet maintains most of its 'old school' charm- though I'll posit that the ladies were foxier in... read more

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