Macross Plus Movie Edition

Movie (1 ep x 114 min)
3.954 of 5 from 1,542 votes
Rank #993

Myung, Isamu, and Guld were best friends until tragic events drove them apart. Years later, Myung is the producer and vocal genius behind Sharon Apple, the top-selling holographic pop idol; Isamu and Guld, on the other hand, have become test pilots for the military. When fate throws them together again, old wounds are reopened and Guld and Isamu resume their rivalry for Myung’s affections. However, there are bigger problems brewing in the background as the government reveals a revolutionary new hardware piloted by artificial intelligence – but, as Myung soon discovers, computers cannot always be trusted...

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VivisQueen's avatar by VivisQueen on May 15, 2008
Score 7/10

My only misgiving about Macross Plus: The Movie is that it doesn't have one exceptional feature to speak of; instead of being a one-trick pony, it appears to be respectably good at everything, be it characterisation, animation, script, plot, or anything else you might consider important. The result is an anime that is remarkably free of major flaws, well-rounded, wholly enjoyable, but... read more

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