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Good Animeā„¢ Starter Pack ala Hindby utena

(LIST UNDER CONSTRUCTION) alternatively: how to not be a pleb, elitist starter pack, WATCH MUGEN NO RYVIUS For those who want to branch out from the usual trash. Not condescending at all! One or two popular titles thrown in, so it's kinda pleb...

Highly recommended seriesby assailent78

A list of all the series that I personally loved.

Junior Otakuby KimDestructo

Anime I've watched in middle school

Action animeby WallStreetAssasin

this list is composed of action anime i found to be good

My Top Anime As Of 2015/09/26by WeNation

Just went through all my anime in my list and selected those that I like above the others not selected.

Must Watch Robot Animeby srwseki

I watched tons of robot anime, and these are what I recommend for anyone.