Macross Frontier

TV (25 eps)
4.232 out of 5 from 7,302 votes
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After being threatened by extinction at the hands of alien invaders called the Zentradi, humanity undertook the task of guaranteeing itself a future by launching fleets of colony ships into space. On Macross Frontier, one such fleet, high school student Saotome Alto's life is changed forever: the fleet is suddenly attacked by unidentified creatures while he is performing aerial stunts for a concert by the wildly popular idol Sheryl. Alto quickly finds himself in the cockpit of a new-model fighter struggling to protect Ranka Lee, a young girl he met only hours earlier, from the invaders' swath of destruction. Noting his performance during this incident, the S.M.S. Skull Squadron private military company invites Alto to join their organization, where he continues protecting his friends and Macross Frontier.

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vivafruit's avatar by vivafruit on Dec 9, 2008
Score: 4.5/10

Want to watch a tragedy? Sit through the entirety of Macross Frontier. Then, contemplate what could have been made if the talent behind the anime had been used to make something besides a creatively brain-dead retread of a 20-year-old franchise. In the tradition of Hollywood, Macross F represents an enormous amount of time and money spent on something... read more

arashileonhart's avatar by arashileonhart on Mar 6, 2011
Score: 8/10

For the 25th anniversary of the original Macross—known in the states as Robotech—we are given the product of Macross Frontier. Set in 2059, nearly fifty years after the original, Macross F tells the story of the fleet group Frontier as they make their way toward the center of the Milky Way Galaxy in hopes of finding a suitable planet to colonize. Macross F... read more

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