Macross Dynamite 7

OVA (4 eps)
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After the battle between mankind and Geppernich, Basara Nekki took his guitar left on a grand adventure to roam the universe – ultimately leading him to the planet Zola. On this planet, poachers from across the universe converge to hunt the space whales that migrate through adjoining space. There, Basara meets a girl named Elma who is a fan of his band, and has a father who has a personal grudge against a special white space whale. Determined to stop the inevitable bloodshed, Basara must use his power of the song to defuse tensions and save the day!

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chii's avatar by chii on Mar 28, 2010
Score 5/10

I look at this ova as the creators wanted to stop drawing space so much and start after a lush interesting planet enviroment. I think they had a lot of love for the Star Trek Movie IV as well. (the one with the whales) lolNot much else to say honestly. If you need another random Basara adventure after the main series check it out. read more

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