Macross 7

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Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

It is Universal Century 0088. Haman Khan has claimed Axis as Neo-Zeon and rages war on both the Federation and the remaining Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG), in order to resurrect the Zabi Family Dynasty. Meanwhile, fourteen-year-old junk collector Judau Ashta encounters the ship Argama, and with the help of his friends he plans to steal their Gundams. However, because of Judau's skills and unique Newtype abilities, he is instead entrusted with the AEUG’s newest weapon: the Double Zeta Gundam. The clash of the Newtypes continues as together Judau and his friends form the first Gundam Team.

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Ryvius Ryvius says...

Both Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ and Macross 7 have odd reputations, since they're both the goofier installments in their said franchises. If you're someone who was able to tolerate and enjoy one of these shows, then check out the other if you're into that series as well, who knows maybe you'll end up liking the show a lot! When it comes to these two, "watch it for yourself" is your best option.

chii chii says...

Gundam ZZ and Macross 7 are known to be the sillier installments in their franchises so you'll likely enjoy one if you liked the other.