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Macross 7 Plus

Macross 7 Plus
2.796 out of 5 from 160 votes
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Quiero Ver Edalor 303 Mar 27, 2014
Owned Part1 jasco 110 May 16, 2013
Hyunnie's Watched List yenlin 1715 May 12, 2013
ColdStormKitty rated the Macross 7 Plus anime 4.5/5 stars
ColdStormKitty watched Macross 7 Plus at 12 of 12 episodes
kingofdemons wants to watch Macross 7 Plus
Megabattimus rated the Macross 7 Plus anime 3/5 stars
Megabattimus watched Macross 7 Plus at 12 of 12 episodes

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Macross 7

Macross 7

Nekki Basara, a guitarist in the band Fire Bomber, is living in City 7, a part of the Macross fleet. An unknown enemy force is attacking the fleet, absorbing the energy force – the "Spiritia" – from the pilots it destroys. Basara does not believe in using force to handle the enemy, and thus he flies out on his red valkyrie to sing to them, hoping that the songs will help calm the battle. Though it is unknown what the effects of the song have upon the enemy, Macross 7 decides to go with this plan and send members of Fire Bomber to the battlefield to sing. Can Nekki Basara save Macross 7 from this unknown enemy force with the power of his songs?

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Parent Story to these short stories depecting the lives of various Macross 7 characters. Very good short stories to complement the main series.