Macross 7

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Nekki Basara, a guitarist in the band Fire Bomber, is living in City 7, a part of the Macross fleet. An unknown enemy force is attacking the fleet, absorbing the energy force – the "Spiritia" – from the pilots it destroys. Basara does not believe in using force to handle the enemy, and thus he flies out on his red valkyrie to sing to them, hoping that the songs will help calm the battle. Though it is unknown what the effects of the song have upon the enemy, Macross 7 decides to go with this plan and send members of Fire Bomber to the battlefield to sing. Can Nekki Basara save Macross 7 from this unknown enemy force with the power of his songs?

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mariprosa's avatar by mariprosa on Aug 28, 2008
Score 6/10

Lend your ears to the first fully musical installation of the Macross franchise. Now granted, this isn't so much a criticism of the series on the surface because if you're a veteran Macross viewer, the Macross installments have excellent J-pop songs to sing along to. Even I find myself humming along to some of the tunes from this collective series (most notably "Voices" by Akino Arai from Macross... read more

Diogenes's avatar by Diogenes on Jul 30, 2015
Score 9/10

Macross 7 is heralded as the red-headed stepchild of the Macross Franchise because the main character plays a guitar in space and fights demons and space elves in a giant transforming robot. However, this is more about a lack of ability to appreciate the series in all its complexity, and hardly a fair condemnation. Macross 7 is quite intelligent, and although the musical numbers can become quite grating if... read more

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