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Adult Swim Anime's Early 2000'sby ergunnbaxter

These are a few old Adult Swim anime's... This is how many 90's Otaku got their fix after school.

My top 10 animeby GZeppeli

This list only includes TV anime and OVAs, and the #1 entry covers both Ashita no Joe series.

anime for older audiences not ecchi nor hentaiby grinrause

a list of anime I like want some recommendation and help to find some common qualities among them. thanks and if you like some of them try others on the list. wont be desapointed. ps. i dont think city hunter is ecchi and golden boy is so...

Best Franchiseby ergunnbaxter

Franchises that are worth the addiction. .

Top Anime Comedyby ergunnbaxter

Best Anime Comedies... best moments in anime... no particular order.

Favorites [WIP]by henoheno

My main list is very large and hard to sort through! This is a simple work-in-progress list of the anime I've really liked out of all that I've seen. Of course, I still highly recommend anything on my list rated 4 stars and up (3 1/2 stars as...