Lupin III Special 21: Lupin III vs Detective Conan

Alt title: Lupin III vs Detective Conan: The Special

TV Special (1 ep x 104 min)
4.103 of 5 from 1,794 votes
Rank #681

After a chance encounter with Princess Mira of the small country of Vespania, Ran finds herself at the center of a royal conspiracy. After exchanging places with the young princess – who is set to become the next queen following the death of her mother and elder brother during a hunting accident – Ran is drugged and whisked off to Vespania. Impressed by Conan’s quick thinking as he manages to sneak aboard their plane, Keith – the head of Mira’s security staff – decides to recruit the young detective to help him. Conan must now try to uncover the plot that threatens Princess Mira’s life and has been paired up with Jigen, who has covertly infiltrated the royal palace to find out information about Lupin’s latest target: the Queen’s Crown. Will Conan be able to find the proof he needs to protect both Mira and Ran and will Lupin be able to get his hands on the loot with both Zenigata and the world’s greatest detective under the same roof?

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dekershekers's avatar by dekershekers on Oct 24, 2013
Score 8/10

STORY – 8/10
If you’re not a fan of Lupin the 3rd, you really should be. He’s basically the most famous anti-hero in japan, and for a good reason. The Lupin the 3rd series was made by Hayao Miyazaki before he founded Studio Ghibli. He even made a film based on the series called ‘The Castle of Cagliostro’. But anyway, enough about him past. I’m not acquainted with the... read more

marcrollins's avatar by marcrollins on Sep 14, 2011
Score 8.5/10

This is a match made in heaven, and literature. Lupin the III, grandson of Arsene Lupin, takes on Sherlock Holmes' protege: Boy Detective Conan.  It feels like a homage to the book written by Maurice Leblanc where Lupin the I takes on Herlock Sholmes(originally Sherlock holmes, but the title was changed because of a lawsuit, much like how Lupin's name was changed to Edgar in France... Also because of a... read more

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