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Lupin III: Green vs Red

Lupin III: Green vs Red main image more screenshots
  • OVA (1 ep x 79 min)
  • 2008
3.465 out of 5 from 687 votes
Rank #1,739


When there is a thief as infamous and cunning as Arsene Lupin the 3rd, copycats are inevitable – everyone wants to try their hand at becoming the master thief. The real Lupin has the target for his next job, Ice Cube – a diamond that holds a secret. However, whilst the presence of the copycats is of little consequence to the true Lupin, one impostor is becoming much more of a problem: he is after the same loot, and unlike the countless other fakes, this one is good. Now the real and the fake Lupins must battle it out to see who can get to the diamond first and who is most worthy of the Lupin name, all the whilst trying to avoid the relentless Zenigata who still vows to arrest Lupin – that is, if he can figure out which one is real!


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related manga

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Lupin III 1967 Same Franchise
Name Role
Takayo NISHIMURA Character Design
Shigeyuki MIYA Director
Yuji OHNO Music
Monkey Punch Original Manga Creator

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Title Author Score Date
Lupin III: Green vs Red AUTOAUTO 7.5/10 Jul 22, 2011
List Title Username Entries Date
My Completed Anime NatsuIgneel95 960 May 17, 2013
Everything Good Kirua 960 Apr 3, 2013
Zell Zell 472 Jan 14, 2013
Post Name Username Comments Date
Lupin III How to Start Funkgun 5 Jul 6, 09
Kuroko94 removed the Lupin III: Green vs Red anime from their anime list
dj8900 dropped Lupin III: Green vs Red
FreakAnime watched Lupin III: Green vs Red at 1 of 1 episodes
Farlot watched Lupin III: Green vs Red at 1 of 1 episodes
Chaosgriffin rated the Lupin III: Green vs Red anime 4/5 stars

Recommendations if you like Lupin III: Green vs Red

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Black Jack: The Two Doctors of Darkness

Black Jack: The Two Doctors of Darkness
  • Movie (1 ep x 97 min)
  • 2005

When a bomb goes off in a nearby building, the unlicensed surgeon Black Jack secures a release from jail in return for helping out at the scene. A few months later, the group that planted the bomb lure Black Jack to a mysterious island that used to be a military base. When he arrives, he is stunned to find that his patients are all infected with a new type of anthrax, but what he also discovers is that he is not the only doctor to have been called. Dr Kiriko - a renegade doctor known as Death Incarnate due to his willingness to kill his patients on request - is also there. With their differing views on medicine, Black Jack and Kiriko clash, but with both their lives at stake for knowing too much, the pair will have to work together if they want to get out of this alive.


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Both Green vs. Red and Two Doctors of Darkness focus on competition between two characters that are strong-minded and difficult to outwit. Also as with the majority of the Black Jack and Lupin franchises, they can also be somewhat outrageous or far-fetched. However, both series provide easy entertainment and a fair amount of action, so if you liked one, then try the other.

Detective Conan Movie 8: Magician of the Silver Sky

Detective Conan Movie 8: Magician of the Silver Sky
  • Movie (1 ep x 108 min)
  • 2004

Conan is back, and ready for another showdown with the elusive Kaitou Kid. The master of camouflage has staked his claim on yet another prize: a star sapphire known as the Jewel of Destiny. Detective Mouri has been hired to protect it by its owner, a famous actress; but the job will prove to be far more difficult than imagined. That evening, Kaitou Kid arrives in full force disguised as Conan's adult self, Shinichi! Can Conan and friends protect the Jewel of Destiny from Kaitou Kid and also uncover the hidden schemes that are brewing?

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Though treated in different ways, and not as prevalent in Conan, the aspect of an antagonist disguising himself as the protagonist is shown in both of these feature length anime. Also both Lupin III: Green vs. Red and Detective Conan: Magician of the Silver Sky place a heavy focus on the aspect of competition between the central characters. Throw in some over the top (and ludicrously far-fetched) action and interesting plot tiwsts, and I reckon that if you enjoyed one, you may like the other.