Lupin III: Green vs Red

OVA (1 ep x 79 min)
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When there is a thief as infamous and cunning as Arsene Lupin the 3rd, copycats are inevitable – everyone wants to try their hand at becoming the master thief. The real Lupin has the target for his next job, Ice Cube – a diamond that holds a secret. However, whilst the presence of the copycats is of little consequence to the true Lupin, one impostor is becoming much more of a problem: he is after the same loot, and unlike the countless other fakes, this one is good. Now the real and the fake Lupins must battle it out to see who can get to the diamond first and who is most worthy of the Lupin name, all the whilst trying to avoid the relentless Zenigata who still vows to arrest Lupin – that is, if he can figure out which one is real!

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theywalkamongus's avatar by theywalkamongus on Sep 29, 2014
Score 7.3/10

An interesting anime with an interesting premise, but falls a little flat on the delivery. I got lost in all of the "imposters" many times and had to read the wiki page to get back on track. Besides the plot pitfalls, Green vs Red is a greating looking anime with great animation and sound If you are a big Lupin the Third fan, definately give this a watch. If not, I would hunt for the more pivotal... read more

AUTOAUTO's avatar by AUTOAUTO on Jul 22, 2011
Score 7.5/10

This film, if you haven't bothered to read the synopsis, takes a intersting spin on the long-running tales of the "gentleman thief" Arsène Lupin III. The OVA shows a world where Lupin III impostors are running amok and stealing in the place of the real Lupin III, whose whereabouts are unknown (probably relaxing somewhere). The main character is a pick-pocket thief who works in a ramen shop... read more

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