Lupin III Special 4: From Russia With Love

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Sep 14, 2011

I've been a huge fan a Lupin the III for a huge portion of my life; movies, TV shows, specials and manga...  I've loved it all.

This one is no different.

Without giving any spoilers I'll say that Lupin is the same as ever in his 4th television special: From Russia with Love(Roshia yori Ai o Komete, 1992)

As usual we get to see our favourite characters doing the stuff we love them for and some new characters doing stuff you'll probably scoff at; at this point it's not a case of 'will Lupin get the goods?', just a matter of how he'll do it and what kind'a of goofy antics will ensue once the antagonists start butting heads with Lupin and the gang.

Lupin teams up with some of his old and new friends for a face-off with Rasputon in a race to steal 500 tons of gold that once belonged to the Romanov family, but is now in San Antonio Texas.  Furthermore Rasputon is, you guessed it, a descendant of the famed Gregori Rasputin and has apparently inherated his mythical/mystical powers.  And of course Zenigata of interpole is here for another shot at Lupin, and he's gonna make some trouble for the real badguys too.

This TV special is another great mixture of history and history-skewed for the purpose of the film and as usual the movie jumps from serious to slapstick and back.  Luckily for us Lupin goes all out for the head butting competitions and the writers have supplied us with the jokes and puns we all love, and as usual Lupin makes a history lesson fun.

At any rate, if you like the other Lupin films or the TV shows, then you'll love this movie; so strap in and grab a bag of popcorn and a few friends with a good sense of humour, this one is a classic that needs to be shared.  This one is right on par with the rest of the red-coat Lupin movies and as usual the voice acting is top knotch!

Thanks Lupin, thanks M. Punch, I'm looking forward to the next one on my list.

8/10 story
7.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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