Lupin III Special 1: Bye Bye Liberty Crisis

TV Special (1 ep x 97 min)
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The happily-in-love Lupin has left the thieving business for good; but when his significant others racks up three hundred million dollars in debt and leaves him, Lupin finds himself yet again taking up a life of crime to pay it off. When he learns of a job to find the world's largest diamond, the Super Egg; and the world's most powerful computer virus, the Neovirus; Lupin sees the solution to his problems! With the cash from the diamond to settle his debt, and the virus to clear his record, he'll be all set. The only problem is finding them! All that he knows is that the Egg is hidden somewhere in the Statue of Liberty, so Lupin decides to steal that first!

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marcrollins's avatar by marcrollins on Sep 14, 2011
Score 8/10

Bye-Bye Liberty Crisis / Goodbye Lady Liberty(Bai Bai Ribatī – Kiki Ippatsu!, 1989) was Lupin's first television special, and it was an excellent debut of Lupin's power to hold an audience for more than the mere 20-some-odd minute episode. Lupin has got to get with the times in this movie because the police have been tracing his every step using the "crime-portfolio" Zenigata and... read more

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