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Custom Lists

My personal 50 anime challengeby joseph213

I'll mark each one that I watch as I watch it

Alphabetical - Anime to rewatchby Wafarasu

The ones that I get the urge to rewatch.

Anime I Plan To Watchby NicoCake

Every single of my plan to watch anime is in this list alphabetically. ( This list is outdated ).

Romanceby oblivionpenguin

Favorite anime with romance or atleast a hint of it.

Best romantic animesby Anifetko

My list is simple made-I'm showing you my personal choice of the best romantic animes , enjoy ^^

Must watch comedy animesby RainysPlanet

Animes I have loved and wish to watch again when I can! Comedies are always my favourites. Romance helps too XD Not all are comedy but have an element of comedy to them.

Favorites { anime }by ohjoooyce13

Alphabetical || Not complete

Best Pure Romancesby juicemayo

My personal favorite anime where the main focus of the show is the romance aspect (sorry spice and wolf)