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My Top Anime so farby GemiLucy

These are series of anime that I've finished and would watch again.

anime watching orderby sageof6ixpaths

CURRENTLY ON: #7 - Mushishi

Personal favouritesby beforeitfades

My favourite anime or the ones I consider worth watching 😀 (in to particular order)

Want to watchby Blackwolff

my own personal top watch list

My Favorite Shoujosby Sagodi

If you like romance, adventure, comedy shoujo anime, this list is a MOST watched. Leave me a comment to know what you think of my list, if you have any anime recommendation for me, or you just want to chat!

Lista TOP 30 anime :)))by xNikcia

* Liczy się najlepszy według mnie sezon danej serii (czyli np. Natsume Yuujinchou na liście będzie tylko jako San). 29.07.2015 :)

anime topby chiyun13

My top favorite anime's with no regards to the genre.