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Lovely Complex

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Lovely Complex is a story of a boy and a girl. The girl, Koizumi Risa, is much taller than the average Japanese girl; and the boy, Atsushi Otani, is much shorter than the average Japanese boy. Due to their immense difference in size and constant bickering with each other, the duo is unwillingly the school’s comic relief. As Risa and Otani continue to provide endless laughter for the masses, their friendship develops; and with that, so does Risa’s feelings for Otani...

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Lovely Complex 2001 TBD
Lovely Complex Two 2012 TBD
Name Role
Hideaki MANIWA Character Design
Konosuke UDA Director
Hironosuke SATO Music
Aya NAKAHARA Original Manga Creator

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Lovely Complex Bramblestar 8.5/10 Jul 24, 2011
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Ryuuji Takasu has an eventful life: his classmates think he's a delinquent due to his 'killer' eyes; his crush Minori seems ever out of reach; and he’s just had an unfortunate encounter with 'palm-sized Taiga' – a feisty and dainty wench in his class. With different cleaning habits and tempers, the two clash like night and day; that is, except for the fact that Taiga and Ryuuji have crushes on the other's good friend! With school rumors abounding, the duo must now work together to play matchmaker for each other. Who will end up with their true love?

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Both are romantic comdies which revolves largely around the main male/female lead's comedic bickering.

Both the male and female share similar complex about their persons, Lovely Complex revolving around their heights, Toradora around being misunderstood for their looks. 

The starting premise for both also revolves around the leads helping the other to go out with a different person, and a relatively slow progression of the relationship between the leads.

Lovely Complex is perhaps the more 'girly' of the two, as it focuses more on Risa's point of view, where Toradora focuses more on Ryuji's viewpoint.


I feel that both these series start off in the same premise... two unlikely girl and guy become good friends due to random circumstances (like trying to pair each other up with their best friends!).  But there's more to that... in both series, we get a sense of friendship from both parties.  The audience knows that these two may (most likely) end up together. 

That's when the similarities end however.  The way the anime brings these two together is very different.  While Toradora! is more about family and self discovery, LC is about getting over appearences and in a sense, moving on.  They're both based in a high school setting, but their story-telling methods are very different even though they both start off as an innocent friendship.


Both are high school romances, that have the main characters "accidently" fall in love. You would also like Toradora, because like Lovely Complex, it has a realistic view on relationships. That love isnt always perfect. Both shows use a well blend of comedy and drama.


A strange friendship or possible love made with the intent of trying other people fall in love. Both stories have characters with confidence troubles wich they need to solve to overcome the problems in their lives and understand who they really are and who they really love. 


Both series--Lovely Complex and Toradora!--feature two main characters with inferiority complexes and romantic interests in seemingly out-of-reach classmates. The comedic and romantic elements mesh in a similar manner between the duos in each show while presenting accessible characters that can figuratively look each other in the eye; unlike other series that present two social opposites in similar situations. Lastly, while the two series appear familiar they are also fresh because of the differences in animation, characters and narrative nuances. If you're looking for shows with a lot in common while retaining enough differences to be new and interesting make sure to consider Toradora! and Lovely Complex together.


Toradora en Lovely Complex are very similar. It's all about the two characters who hate each other, but throughout the series their friendship (and love) develops into an interesting relationship.


If you laughed like hell seeing Lovely complex.. You should see Toradora!

It's a couple in school life.. And he has eyes of a delinquent.. It's a bit like os lovely complex ^^


Both of these anime (Toradora and Lovely Complex) are high school romances, and involve a girl and boy who don't get along with each other but then end up becoming friends and helping each other try to get together with their love interests. Eventually the protagonists begin to develop romantic feelings for each other.

The overall feeling of both the series, too, is quite similar.


If you're the type that enjoy a good comedic romance and characters with strong (and obnoxious) personalities, I would reccomend either Toradora!  or Lovely Complex for those whom haven't seen one or the other (or both). While both of the shows center around the two main characters trying to help each other achieve their loves, there is the inevitable conflict of how the two main characters feel about each other and how they cope with these feelings while experiencing several knee-slapping, belly jiggling and literally explosive laughing-induced scenes of complete random hilarity.

With regard to the animation style and quality, both anime have something to offer in terms of originality, more so with Lovely Complex, especially with the overexaggerated facial expressions. Both have a great selection of music, and the voice acting is impressive. I would reccomend this show to anyone.


Each of these series have a similar relationship progression between the main characters, causing a good deal of drama and confusion while maintaining a large amount of comedy.


What helps make both of them good is the chemistry and banter between the two main characters (Ryuuji and Taiga in Toradora! and Risa and Otani in Lovely Complex). And by help, I mean the best part; it's entertaining yet endearing, amusing yet heartwarming. It's the driving force between the two and is supported by voice acting that perfectly suits the characters (The tsundere's in particular).

What really matters is the romance, and both will satisfy your fix for romance anime.

(Taiga's so small and Risa's so tall, and both so adorable.)


Besiding both contenting a large amount of comedy both series also feature a male lead and female lead who don't quite see each other as someone they can get into a relationship with as they always seem to argue with each other at least to some degree or another.  But as both series progress the characters of both series begin to understand their feelings more and well you can guess what happens next.


Similar but Different..Toradora some tsundere while Lovely Complex doesn't but in both anime the both start out liking each other's friends and in the end realize the like each other....2 of the best Romance anime out there and are both must watch.


Lovely Complex and Toradora both feature a mismatched boy and girl who are having trouble with the opposite sex. Both stories feature their crazy adventures in HS and with romance. Both storelines are very similar. The difference between these shows is  Lovely Complex is more dramatic than Toradora, and Toradora is more comedic. If you like one you will like the other.


If you liked either of those Comedy\Romance animes, there's a high chance you'll like the other. The reason being that, both anime feature a boy\girl combination mutually supporting each other in the search for true love. However, as both stories progress, the respective heroes\heroines may very well realise that opposites really do attract and, sometimes, true love is closer than you may think....


Both Toradora and Lovely Complex are romantic comedies. They both start with the main characters trying to help each other achieve their loves. At the same time they get to know each other and about themselves, trying to cope with their feelings as well as life's problems. Later in the series, there is an inevitable conflict of feelings between the two main characters. Along with hilarious knee-slapping scenes, everything eventually falls into place and they both fall in love with each other.

Both Toradora and Lovely Complex will leave you wanting for more, and I would gladly recommend these two anime to anyone who love romantic comedies.


There's nothing better than two characters that start out disliking each other and fighting, but grow to love each other over time. The main characters in both animes are people that for various reasons are a bit different, whether it be their height or their appearance as a delinquent. And there are lots of laughs along the way.


Both of these anime start off with the same premise. A guy and a girl like each other's best friends and agree to hook each other up, but inadvertantly fall for each other eventually.

The main differences between the two is that Lovely Complex has a larger degree of humor — and a good deal of that is the kind of humor most Americans need notes to understand — and the love-hate relationship in Lovely Complex is reciprocated between the two of them, while in Toradora!, it's mostly the main female who does the hating. Also the 'trying to hook each other up' motif lasts a lot longer in Toradora! than in Lovely Complex, which discards that rather early on.

Both are quite hilarious and have interesting characters set in high school. There are multiple relationships that each show juggles, and though the relationships are more abstact in Toradora! and are established in Lovely Complex, each manage to portray high school relationships really well.


Both shows [Lovely Complex & Toradora] deal with a bit of romance between two people with MAJOR height differences.

In LC It's between a tall girl and short boy

In Toradora! It's between a short girl and a tall boy

Both series won't admit their attraction to the other and they blow it off. Also the main characters like the others friend so they try to help eachother out.


Great Plot for both of them! Both sets protaginists fight with each other but have an affection for each other! I loved both of these animes, both are my favourites and defiantly recommend them!


Lovely Complex and Toradora are both high school romance seres. If you like that kind of anime, then you'll like both of those shows. Also, the main pairs on both of those seres have a noticeable hight difference.


Both main characters start out by not liking eachother until one of them develops feelings for the other. Afterwards, the supporting characters slowly push them together.


I'd categorize both of these animes as Love/Romance, Comedy, School Life, and Slife Of Life. They both deal with 2 characters, who are totally contrasted, and that is what makes both of these animes particulary similar. I recommend you watch both of them, I really do!


If you like Lovely COmplex then toradora is a must watch both reloves around School romance and comedy to someextent


Both are high school romances, that have the main characters "accidentally" fall in love. they both have a realistic view on relationships. That love isnt always perfect. Both shows use a well blend of comedy and drama. I might also add that I was filled with emotions in both. They're really good if you like comedy/drama. If you like one you will definitely like the other.


Both of the main characters in Toradora help each other with their  respective crushes.  Lovely Complex starts out the same way as well.  

Taiga and Ryuuji's constantly being at each other's throats is a source of comedy for the series, same as in Lovely Complex.  The main characters also grow closer and develop as friends as the series progress.  If you liked Lovely Complex, Toradora is right up your alley.

Bokura ga Ita

Bokura ga Ita

Yano Motoharu is the most popular guy in class, the school’s basketball ace, and highly charismatic to boot! No wonder Nanami Takahashi can’t resist falling in love with him. When Yano returns Nana’s feelings, things seem too good to be true and the two begin a relationship; but Yano has a contradictory personality which confuses Nana most of the time. On top of that, tragic events in Yano’s past won’t stop haunting their relationship. Unable to halt their passionate feelings, are Yano and Nana heading for disaster or can they save each other from irreparable hurt?

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If you feel a strange combination of humor, joy, and sadness whenever you reflect on your first dating experiences then you probably enjoyed this series. Bokura ga Ita has the same ability to remind you of what it felt like to go through the first excitement-filled stirring of love and the first terrifying uncertainties of dating. Enjoying this show will also somehow enable you to re-experience the freshness of youth and at the same time appreciate the inherent trials with a humor only age brings.


Watching Lovely Complex reminded me of Bokura ga Ita, mostly because of the style of facial expressions. Both series are all-around funny, and the romance is extremely heart-warming. The two anime deal with the drama that highschool love brings, and it'll be sure to bring you emotions of joy and sadness. Bokura ga Ita has much more drama and mixed up decision making.


In "Lovely Complex" and "Bokura ga Ita" the characters look very similar. Both anime focus on the development of a relationship and the struggles to keep it going. The main difference between them is the mood... while Lovely Complex is funny, Bokura ga Ita is mostly dramatic.


Both Bokura ga Ita and Lovely Complex are true love stories. They each involve love problems with high school students, and are funny and so touching at the same time.


Lovely Complex is my favorite yet; it's too cute and is a very good romantic comedy, just like Bokura ga Ita. Though, Bokura ga Ita is a bit more of a romantic drama, but it's still very good.


These two shows are fantastic romances. While different, they share some similar qualities. If you are looking for another comical romance, then Bokura Ga Ita may not be for you as it is a very serious series and does not have the same humorous nature as Lovely Complex. If you are looking for a great romance, this is a great jump from LoveCom!


Both Bokura ga Ita and Lovely Complex are touching due to the depth of the characters and the fact that both deal with the first loves of high school students. They both make you laugh and cry.


For those who love romance anime, mostly girls I suppose, Lovely Complex and Bokura Ga Ita are excellent choices. Both anime talk about the difficulties of love, especially when you are at a young age. Through both anime one can realise how much effort it takes to express your feelings and how an in love teenager's determination can overcome any obstacle! I think that if you liked one of them, you'll love the other one as well!


Both Bokura ga Ita and Lovely Complex are fun and romantic stories, and they have the same warm feeling. Lovely Complex is more humouristic, but still there is the same love and friendship behind the story. Both anime are basic romantic comedies, and they have similarities in plot, characters and environment.


Bokura ga Ita and Lovely Complex are both romance-drama-shoujo anime, focusing on a pairing between the two main characters-- no reverse harems here. However, the relationships in either series are far from smooth, and the occasional third-party might wander in to present a roadblock, but little more than that.

Both shows approach the romance in a realistic way, more-so, even, in Bokura. The relationships are strained and difficult to maintain, at times, but both sides are trying, if only in their own ways.

The main difference between the two shows is that Lovely Complex is more upbeat and comedic, while Bokura ga Ita is more realistic and dramatic.


These animes have very similar art styles. While one is extreme dwarf-giant shojo comedy and the other light shojo comedy. The series both have moments that will pull at the heart strings of any romantic.


What those two anime share, apart from love story, similarity in graphics and the creation of main characters. You can even mistake one for another.


I started watching these two animes one after another because of the recomendations here on anime-planet, but now when I finished watching them both I really agree that they are alike. First, both couples are orange-haired ;) next, kinda strange that in both animes love developes already in first 5 series, next is just an understanding of the feelings; and also big climax in both animes is when another guy starts to like the main girl :)


Lovely Complex and Bokura ga Ita are very similar, but Lovely Complex have more comedy in it. They are both cute love stories without ecchi and that is what I think I like about these animes. If you liked Lovely Complex I'm sure you will like Bokura ga Ita too!


both series are about romance and how a girl who falls in love with someone that she would never expected she would.even though lovely complex is really funny and bokura ga ita is really sad they both are great series to wacth


I'd recommend either Lovely Complex or Bokura ga Ita because both get their dynamic feel from the charismatic male protagonists. Nana and Yano's interactions are just as befuddling, frustrating, funny and gush-inducing as Risa and Otani's. Bokura ga Ita is far more tragic, but somehow, along the way, they give a similar sort of feeling.


Although Lovely Complex has the large amounts of humour in the series which drives the plotline of girl/boy romance, Bokura ga Ita tackles this from the more serious side.  However, the quality of plot is equally as good and although they have some differences, the series are similiar enough in feeling that will make watching either one easy, if you've seen the other.


If you enjoyed the frustrating heartbreak of one show as a couple struggle to get together, then you should definitely try the other. Playing on the difficulties of love during school days, experience the rollercoaster of adolescent romance as it climbs to a peak, only to painfully fall off the other side. Both are a must for fans of romance.


If you liked one then you may want to check out the other because both mainly revolve around a young couple as they try to get together while at the sametime avoiding various obstacles.  These obstacles usually end up taking the form of something like a misunderstanding, a rival, or some other such thing.  But it doesn't take long for one issue to get resolved and the couple are happy again before something new comes up and the process repeats.  Though Lovely Complex tends to be a lot more on the comedy side of things than Bokura ga Ita is they both are still pretty similar overall.


Lovely Complex isn't as serious as Bokura ga ita but I think Yano and Otani's personalitys are similar. All in all, they are both pretty.


The graphics are almost the same, if not exactly. The plots are actually nothing alike, but you can think Lovely Complex as the "first" season of Bokura ga Ita.


Both animes deal with a budding love relationship, both couples face obstacles they need to overcome in order to be with each other.

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High is a school for the extremely wealthy or, in Haruhi's case, the extremely talented. But no amount of talent will help when Haruhi accidentally drops an eight million yen vase in a music room. The vase was the property of Ouran High School Host Club, a group of attractive young men who, for a fee, provide their time and affections for their lovesick clientele: the female students. Fascinated by this strange new specimen, a poor and clumsy commoner, they force Haruhi to work for them until the debt is repaid; but they get a lot more than they bargained for...

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Both anime manage to combine deep characterisation, will-they-won't-they romance, and up-beat comedy in a very similar approach. They never take themselves seriously e.g. the bishounen males are objects of derision in Ouran whilst Risa and Otani mock each other's height constantly in LoveCom. Both use bright hues, weird sketches and bizarre expressions to create a constant stream of feel-good laughs. Not to mention that they're equally good, so liking one means you're bound to like the other.


If you liked Lovely Complex I recommend Ouran High School Host Club. Why? You can say that the both series have man-women relations as a main story. Also you have tall-short (LC) or rich-poor (OHSHC) comic situations, but what I really think is common to both series is that when you start laughing you just can't stop, and when you stop, you realize that you have already forgotten what was the first thing that initially make you laugh.


Life doesn't always end up the way we thought it would. Whether it be paying off a debt as a cross dressing heart-throb, or falling for the most unlikely guy, fate has a way of finding everyone. Both Lovely Complex and Ouran follow a tale of accidental destiny and the love that can be found among friends.


Both Lovely Complex and Ouran made me laugh, and the characters brought a smile to my face. They are great to watch if you have had a bad/stressful day or even if you haven't.


Full of funny moments, both Ouran and Lovely Complex are a great opportunity to have a good time. They also have nice love stories and an atmosphere of friendship and happiness. Risa and Haruhi aren't mere shoujo characters, sometimes they act very similar.


Lovely Complex has the same tone that Ouran High School Host Club has. Ouran was based around comedy and romance, which are both key to LoveCom.


Both Ouran and Lovely Complex will have you in tears from laughter, joy and sorrow. They will leave you wanting more and I enjoyed both to the fullest.


Ouran High School Host Club and Lovely Complex are both comedic shoujo anime. While Ouran features a reverse harem, Lovely Complex is more of a traditional romantic comedy. Nonetheless, constant-- sometimes witty, sometimes... less-than witty--banter and humorous situations are pervasive-- and similar --in both.

Either show is a great choice for someone looking for a good, happy, hilarious, relaxed show. Just don't expect the biggest and best plots in the world.


Both series are high sprited romances with a sad side to every charecter. You feel drawn to each one and get wrapped up in everything going on. f you like Lovely Complex with its oppistes attract theme you would definatly like Ouran High School Host Club.


Both of these animes are great to watch when your down in the dumps. They both have great music ost's, comedy, drama, and animation. Loved these series. They were fantastic.


Both shows are of the same genre, are based on comic book series and have very similar forms of comedy.  They also have fairly obvious couplings right from the start and both shows build on that in a subtle way.  The characters in both series also have really unique personalities.


Both anime are funny and the love interests keep us guessing about whether they will be a couple in the end. While Ouran High School is more comedy and Lovely Complex is more about romance if you love one you will love the other. In a wierd way i also learn alot from watching these two anime and i would recommend them to anyone who loves a good romance.


Each of these series have a great mix of romance, drama, and comedy. While having most of the series focused on comedy, but keeping a lot of drama going on in a school environment, they both have a good deal of romance going on. These series go well together.


Love and comedy somehow find a delicious blend in both of these animes. I personally feel that while the audacious nature of these comedies can sometimes mislead you to think they are shallow, in reality they are far more complex than what one initially sees. If you want a true slice of life romatic comedy that has true depth I would recommend either Ouran High School Host Club or Lovely Complex.


If you liked Lovely complex then you're going to love Ouran high school host club. Both of teh anime are full of laughs and are sort dramatic in some parts. In both the main character's life doesn't always end up as they want it to but they find a way to fix it. Both are full of romance and comedy, and Ouran high school host club has the shounen guys (which i think is better) anyways both rocked and cracked me up.


Similar art styles and similar comedic-yet-romantic feel. Romance is more heavily focused on in Lovely Complex, but it's relationships in general that Ouran seems to focus on... the relationships between the host club members, their families, and their customers mainly. Both are set in schools, though Lovely Complex has a much more 'regular' setting and Ouran has more money-talk.


Both anime are lighthearted comedies with a compelling storyline that draw you into their addictive worlds and make you want to spend more time with these characters.  With Ouran, you get to meet Haruhi and the crazy hosts of the Host club and laugh at the crazy antics that ensue while Haruhi works her way through as a "host" in the all-male club.  With Love.Com, you will laugh at Riza's triumphs and failures while trying to examine herself and her feelings towards Otani.

Both girls work towards fitting into their ill-fitting new roles, and bring laughs and giggles (and sometimes even loud guffaws) as we watch them try to redefine their self-images and their place in their new world.


Lovely Complex is a tad more heavy on the romance but both series are all about comedy with some budding romance on the side. The characters play off each other quite nicely and the chemistry between the mains is second to none. There's plenty to like in the other if you've seen either one.


Both are very funny shows following funny highschool kids with romantic undertones.  There aren't too many similarities other than their similar senses of humor, but you'll ptobsbly likr onr if you like the other.

watch it online now!

Itazura na Kiss

Itazura na Kiss

Kotoko Aihara has always been in love with Naoki Irie; he’s tall, handsome, and rumored to be the most intelligent student in Japan – who wouldn’t be? Only one thing stands in the way of a relationship with Irie: Kotoko is ditzy and is at the bottom set of her school, and Irie-kun hates nothing more than ditzy, stupid girls. When disaster strikes and Kotoko is forced to move in with Irie-kun’s family, she suddenly sees her chance to bridge the gap. After all, even cool, super-intelligent guys must have a soft spot, right?

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Both anime are centered on romance and school life, they are both really really funny and with nice drawings!They talk about how much difficult a relationship can be but also that love can grow with time and is not merely based on apparences and look. The warning is: You can fall in love even with the last person you've thought you will fall in love with!!!!!! That's why I think that if you liked the first anime you will surely like the second one! Try it!


Kotoko and Risa both make hilarious faces. Both anime have made me laugh out loud and also provide a fast-paced plot that keeps you interested during the entire series. They also both have seemingly unattainable boys, but the girls never give up when trying to achieve love.


Lovely Complex and Itazura na Kiss have a similar sense of humour and are both incredibly funny accounts of girls trying their best to win over a boy. Light-hearted and energetic, they give you a similar warm, summery feeling. I think you'll definitely appreciate one if you liked the other.


If you liked Itazura na Kiss or Lovely Complex for the leading lady, then you'll definitely like the other. Both Risa and Kotoko are probably the most determined heroines I've ever seen. They fight for their right to love the leading males who, really, are quite a battle indeed. The art style in both is a quirky fashion, and the plot moves at a fast pace. The shows are both about couples who are seemingly from different worlds that mix in just the right amount of comedy and romance and drama. If you liked either, I can almost guarantee you will enjoy the other.


Both Lovely Complex and Itazura na Kiss focus on a young High school girl who is in a one-sided love with a fellow student. Both document the trials that the two female protagonists face in trying to make the object of their affection fall in love with them, often with comedic results.


Both the lady protagonists (Kotoko and Koizumi) are very persistent in showing their affection towards their loved ones (Irie and Otani). They both 'courted' these guys who happen to be both famous with their peers.

Another thing is that Kotoko and Koizumi aren't very bright in academics though both are optimistic in life.


While Lovely Complex focuses on the high school years of the main characters and Itazura na Kiss takes place over a long period of time i think they are both alike in the romance department. In both series the relationships between the main characters are problematic right from the beginning. Tall girl with a short guy? An air head in love with a genius? Well why not? Also the comedy in both is great, the ironic/sarcastic yet silly kind of comedy. If you tried one and liked it, try watching the other one, and im sure you will like it just as much!


Both of these anime have similar high school romantic comedy aspect to them. Both focus on one relationship instead of a weird complicated love triangle and have this girl chasing the guy aspect. Plus both are hillariously funny :)


What makes Lovely Complex and Itazura na Kiss so similar is that they have parallel story lines, but different situations. Both female leads fall in love with someone "not suitable" for them, who the male leads initially reject. However, both Risa Koizumi (Lovely Complex) and Kotoko Aihara (Itazura na Kiss) overcome their stereotypical couple barrier and get the male leads to fall in love with them as well. 

They are both romantic comedies with great endings. If you liked one, then you will definitely like the other! :)


Ah unrequited love...

If you're slightly masochistic (in a good way of course!) and enjoy the heartfelt phases a school girl goes through when she likes someone that is uninterested, but still sees/hangs onto the glimmer of hope that keeps us all on the edge of our seats- you will find these shows likeable in more ways than one.


Both animes have the message: With persistance, you can win away love. I think it's a great message to have, considering both animes end off with a happy ending.


Girl loves guy. Guy doesn't feel the same way...yet. Itazura na Kiss is more serious and spans a longer period of time in the characters' lives than Lovely Complex, but both have that element of girl perservering and succeeding in love. 


The mixing of humor and seriousness is blended so perfectly in each of these animes. You will be dying laughing at the outrageous things people do and say and then the next moment be crying because of the poignancy. If you loved Lovely Complex, you will DEFINITELY love Itazura na Kiss.

Kare Kano

Kare Kano

Yukino had it all. Brilliant, athletic, popular and pretty, she was the perfect school girl with many friends and admirers. But then one fateful day she met her match: a handsome young man named Arima. Now, not only is he beating her at her own game, she's becoming more and more dismayed to learn that she's developing her first real feelings of romance. Can Yukino maintain her model student appearance, or will love ruin all her plans?

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In both "Kare Kano" and "Lovely Complex" you have the love/friendship story of a boy and a girl as they lead their student lives. But Lovely Complex has a lighter tone and much more comedy, though still mantaining the romance meaningful.


You would like Kare Kano because it, like Lovely Complex, has a mix of humour, love, and friendship.


"Kare Kano" and "Lovely Complex" both have the same general romantic elements. They both ponder about feelings and words. They both have the same atmosphere although Lovely Complex has more humor.


It's all about those great love stories that start in high school. I do believe that once you've seen a mismatched pair (such as Risa and Otani) that still struggles to keep a certain relationship, it would be incredibly interesting to watch yet another pair (Yukino and Arima) that seems incredibly perfect at first sight, but that has just about more than enough troubles as well. Of course, there are differences, such as the fact that, while LoveCom's characters are too engrossed in deciding whether they want a relationship or not, in Kare Kano we meet characters with a very rich inner life that struggle to understand the world around them and especially themselves. It's all about the point of view. Anyways, enjoy!


Both Kare Kano and Lovely Complex are about the complications and trials of high school loves, and the trials that occur when two people who believe they have nothing in common come together to make a true love story.


Kare Kano and Lovely Complex both are a high school romance series, and have with love and comedy.

In Kare Kano, the main characters have a relationship where they care for each other and know that they both love each other. In Lovely Complex, although it is only a one-sided love, you can also get the same feeling when you watch it.

You get a feeling of comedy and drama in both of these series, so watch them.


Kare Kano is a really romantic anime with many funny moments. The only difference between it and Lovely Complex is that in Kare Kano we see a teenager couple's relationship developing in a deeper way, and are shown how they help and support each other in order to overcome their problems. After watching Lovely Complex and Kare Kano I think that someone who likes one of them will definitely like the other as well. They are wonderful anime and you will love them!


These two are romanitc anime, but apart from that, there is a lot of humorous things going and you will have a lot of fun watching both of them.


It's hard to describe in someways what makes these two anime similiar to watch, but I suppose the feeling that you get out of it is just one aspect. Both explore the relationship between two people who start off never dreaming of such a thing. However, while Lovely Complex spends the entire series focusing on the getting together part, Kare Kano dives straight into the what happens when they're together part. Either way, both of these series contain an element of comedy, drama and relationship issues that make you want to know more. A brilliant pair of anime to watch.


Its amazing how 2 shows with so many years between them have such a lot in common. Kare Kano, although older, seems to have almost been what the relationship in LoveCom was based on.

The slightly comedic way in which a love story is told in these two shows is perfectly offset by the occasional seriousness and the two characters admitting their true feelings. LoveCom teases the viewers with a relationship that you just *want* to work, whereas Kare Kano looks more at the struggles faced by two people already dating.

If you are an old fashioned romantic, I highly recommend you give both of these shows a whirl.


Lovely Complex like Kare Kano features a story of two characters who are seen one way but are really different. Unlike Kare Kano, the characters in Lovely Complex aren't the smartest kids in school or the most popular but in fact misfits. But like in Kare Kano they are able to get strength from one another to over come lots of struggles.


Both series feature a young highschool female who doesn't really like the male lead a whole lot at first.  Certainly doesn't even consider him to be boyfriend material but as both series progress she begins to understand the feelings she is having and soon a romance blossoms.  Both series for the most part stay on the funny side of things and every now and then add something serious to help progress the plot along.  If you liked one then you should check out the other.


Both are very simular with the comedy and romance genre, they both also pull the same funny facial expressions and the girl discovers she likes the boy after thinking they were infact very simular